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Why would gastritis be treated with Prilosec and no antibiotics?

My specialist said I have gastritis.

He said I should take Prilosec for 8 months.

He didn't say anything about antibiotics.

Gastritis is caused by many things: Alcohol, NSAIDs, Helicobacter Pylori, Autoimmune Disorder.

The only one that makes sense for my case is Helicobacter Pylori. (Unless Autoimmune Disorder is somehow related to food allergies.)

Pylori is a bacteria that is resistant to stomach acid.

Taking Prilosec would only make it even more hard to kill.

Therefore, antibiotics would be necessary to kill the bacteria.

(I don't even know WHY I am taking Prilosec. What is it supposed to accomplish?)

Yet, my specialist never mentioned anything about this.

I would LOVE to ask my specialist about this, but I can never contact him directly. Is this normal to never be able to speak to your specialist directly? Do you have to schedule and pay for a "questions and answers" session?

Interestingly enough, I don't recall my specialist saying I had gastritis before I started taking Prilosec. I had taken it for two months, THEN he said I had gastritis. Is it possible that the drug created a acid-less environment for the Pylori to overgrow and cause inflammation in my stomach?

Is there anyway I can get over the counter antibiotics? If so, what would you recommend?
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First, see a different specialist if this one is meeting your expectations. Second, most of the time if you say anything related to your stomach or digestion is problematic they just throw an anti acid med at you, its honestly ridiculous. If you do not suffer from reflux, then prilosec, nexium, etc isnt going to do anything.
Do you have H.pylori? If so, then yes you need an antibiotic. If not, then unless you know for sure that you have a bacterial infection, taking an antibiotic could end up causing more harm than good.
The trick to gastritis is finding out what is causing it. And to answer your question, yes, autoimmune disorders can be related to food allergies i.e. celiac disease.
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