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Wierd colonoscopy and biopsy results. Second opinion needed?

Brief background::

AGE:24  |
Height 189cm (6'2'')
Weight  53kg(123 lbs)(no loss no gain)
Marfanoid body with only skeletal involvement.

So I had a endoscopy, colonoscopy and biopsy done recently following an Emergency room visit due to severe abdominal pain. The doctor said I probably have Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD). He also said to come again for the procedure again after 2 months to see if the symptoms are still there. He seemed bit confused.

So I have been thinking of taking second opinion from some other gastroenterologist. I was wondering if my low body weight has to do something with intestinal problems? I have a feeling I had ulcers since long time. (Because the way I feel in abdomen). Negtaive for celiac disease though.

Anyway, here are results from the endo, colonoscopy and biopsy.

COLONOSCOPY: Rectum, Sigmoid and descending colon with patchy hyperemia, erosions ABD Apthoid ulcers.

ENDOSCOPY : Patchy hyperemia in stomach. And minor erosions (distal body and antrum)

BIOPSY OF D2 and colonic: Both are few tiny gray-white tissue bits

D2 BIOPSY: Sections show duodenal mucosal bits with more or less maintained villous to crypt ratio.


-Sections show large gut mucosal bits
-There is only focal mild to modest crypt distortion
-Goblet cell population is more or less maintained
-Lamina shows a modest generalized lymphocytic population with focal areas -of increased density around some distorted crypts.
-No malignancy and granulomas

Impression for Colonic Biopsy->Focal active colitis


I tried googling the stuff, but it doesnt look straightforward. Also another wierd thing is that I got tested for B12 in hospital because of suspicion of deficeincy. As it comes out I have B12 more than normal range!! I also have chronic sinusitis as well mild itching allergic reactions after meals.

Anybody has any similar experience or opinion about these results?

I read on internet that IBD can be misunderstood for many other conditions?? Could it be some type of autoimmune problem?

Any help will be deeply appreciated :)

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Did the doctor say IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or IBD (inflammatory bowel disease)? They are two very different things.

The biopsy results may suggest a form of colitis, the the type is not specified. Have you discussed the results with your doctor face-to-face? You need to get a clearer idea of the form of colitis they suspect and what the follow-up treatment should be. If this is a true IBD you may need to consider medications. IBD are considered autoimmune diseases. Also consider asking your doctor is the colitis could be a form of MC - microscopic colitis. If it is, consider doing some reading on eliminations on certain items in your diet and their tie-in with MC.
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He only put me on Pantoprazole daily one tab before breakfast. I think it has helped a bit in reducing the acidity feeling. I also take Vitamin D tab once a week (I had severe Vit D deficiency till 2 years back). I also discovered fresh carrot juice works wonders for me :)

I was also wondering of getting capsule endoscopy this time rather than traditional endo/colonoscopy since small intestine is missed out.
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IBDs can result in a variety of symptoms including joint pain and discomfort. The antibodies that may be running 'wild' in your system can attack tissues other than those of the digestive tract. They may be what is causing your joint issues.

The doc may be waiting to get all of your test results together and look at them as a whole, which will certainly help.

What meds did he put you on in the meantime?
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Oh..Sorry about that. I just cannot get these two terms correct. I spelled it wrong. I meant Inflammatory bowel disease. He seemed a bit confused and just said to come back for the procedure after two months. And said I would have to stay on certain medications if results are more or less same.

Also is it possible IBD causes inflammation in other parts of body?? like neck and joint problems?

Thanks a lot.
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I do have constipation since years. But it isnt exactly extreme. I would say on a scale of 1-10(10 being worst); I have 6 for constipation.
No problem with gas. But I NEVER had diarhhea which doctors keep on asking.
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do you have gas and constipation problems also like me?
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