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Wind :/

Ever since I can remember I have been fairly gassy. I find it so embarrassing as a) I'm still quite young and b) The aroma is somewhat undesirable to say the least! I eat a really healthy diet filled with loads of fruit, vegetables, legumes, grains, dairy and green tea and I feel that this could be the problem- my diet. I exercise every day and I feel that when I'm standing the gas doesn't occur nearly as frequently as when I'm sitting. I haven't really thought about it until now, but could I have some kind of intolerance to certain foods (gluten, lactose etc...)? I don't really have any other symptoms. My stools are normal and I'm regular, it's just this stupid wind; it won't go away! Any advice would be received with gratitude! :)
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I believe that seeing a naturopath and trying the elimination diet will help.  This is the best way to identify food intolerances that aren't going to test positive as allergies at the allergist's office.  And, foul smelling gas is one of the major symptoms the elimination diet is meant to address.
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