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Wondering what others' feel like having Chronic Pancreatitis

Hi, I would like to join this group, but don't know how.

I was diagnosed about 6 months ago. Had that ERCP (not sure of spelling) surgery where they placed

a stent in my billary.  Well, it lasted for a good 6 months.  Now?  I am hurting again.  Does it make you really

nauseated?  or dizzy, or sweaty?  These are new symptoms.  can not eat because of fear it will hurt.

taking creon, and recently put me on 50mg. of Elavil.  I am worried when I see him tomorrow he will

ask me "do you want the whipple surgery?.  I am terrified.
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you will get "speels" every once in awhile,,you will have pain usualy on the left /middle area of your sternum,,it usualy radiates to your back,,,you will get sick,,sometimes uncontrolable vomiting...sweaty,,yes..
you will loose weight,you will have bad gas,,,and you usualy end up in the hospital at least once a month.
if this is truly chronic pancreatitis you have,you need to get on some enzymes to help aid your food digestion,,you need to eat high carb,low protein diet
no alcohol,pop,coffie,stuff like that.
might concider the myopathy surgery where they do a cell transplant from the good part of the pancreas to the bad,,,that is if you have a case of necrotising pancreatitis
if it is,you might also need the bad area removed completely.
good luck and let us know how you are doing.
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