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Worried.. Please help. Abdominal Mass growing

Hello, my name is Candi and I am 26 years old, 5’8, 127 pounds and I have had three children.

My problem started two years ago when I noticed hard mass under my right rib cage. My Doctor seemed worried, his words were "holy ****, that’s on your liver” He sent me for an ultrasound and for some reason did not show up. And that was that. He had said that "MAYBE" it is a broken off rib....
Just to clarify, I have NEVER broken a rib...especially right off. I think I would have been aware of that.
This mass I have slips right under my rib cage when I lay down for some reason. It can be painful at times and is causing a lot of pressure to the point that I can't even sit properly. I have to lean to the left to make room for this mass.

Which brings me to now...
This mass is now roughly 10 centimeters long and as far as I can measure 5 centimeters wide. Whatever it is seems to be growing, and I am starting to worry. My dr. is the type that doesn’t like to be proved wrong, or people asking for second opinions... so I was wondering if I could get some advice here first.

Thank you very much.
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You need a new doctor, not just a second opinion.  Just because they can all sign their names "M.D." doesn't mean they are all exceptional physicians.  It's your health - you'll want the best doctor you can give yourself!

I hope you've already called an internist or a hepatologist about the mass.  I wish you godspeed and hope it's nothing serious!
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Who cares if he is offended by second opinions! I'd get to a liver specialst ASAP. Find a good Heptologist!
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I have no idea what it could be, but it should be evaluated immediately by a doctor.  It seems that you've gone a long time between visits so I would not wait.

Find another doctor...don't care if the doctor doesn't want you to get a second opinion.

When I had a problem I asked my very respected doctor for the name of another doctor for a second opinion.  He gladly gave me one...I also asked a specialist for another name and got it.  I was told that any respectable doctor would happily have you get a second opinion.

You need one right away -- especially since the first doc didn't even diagnose or find anything.

It may be harmless, but you need to know what it is right away.

I wish you the best -- do it for your kids!
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