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Worried about Colon Cancer

Hi and thank you for taking the time to review my question. I am a 44yr old female over weight by about 70 lbs. I was diagnosed 3 months ago with diverticulosis following an attack of diverticulitis. The CT without contrast stated:

There is moderate localized wall thickening with mild to moderate pericolonic fat stranding in the proximal dexcending colon. A single diverticulum is also present at the proximal descending colon where pericolonic inflamation is noted. The findings are consistent with localized diverticulitis. No pericolonic abscess or bowel obstruction is noted. The remaining colon shows no wall thickening or pericolonic inflammation. No free air in abdomen is noted. The resof the the ct is unremarkable.

I followed up with my GP a week after antibiotics and he said I should be fine and to add fiber to my diet. Before the diverticulitis attack I had  bms that were well produced long intact and round and smooth, alternating with diarrhea or shredded paper type stools when I would be stressed ( I think I might have IBS-D) or depending on what I ate. Since the diverticulitis attack my bms are always the same yellow in color semi-solid with a fuzzy appearance and somewhat flattened as in still the same width but flatter. Or I will have the torn paper type of bm. I havent had a long round brown bm for 3 months.

I do not notice any bleeding (have a yearly fecal occult at gyn's always negative). I cannot remember the last time I was constipated..years ago..suggesting one, and now I am extremely worried that my change in BM's even though they occurred at the same time as the divertic. is a sign I have colon cancer. I realize that the divertic can mimic colon cancer on ct, but what really are the chances of that , and what do you think is causing the change is bms? Can diverticulosis cause a bm change? Also I know that I have at least one external hemmerhoid. Im not having any other typical cc symptoms, no pain, bleeding, fatigue etc. Thoughts?
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