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Worsening Colon Problems

I, as most people do, get occasional constipation, happening pretty far in between. All I need in such instances is a natural laxitive, and then it's over. But the most recent time I became constipated, the laxitive had no effect. I could feel everything below the stomach filling up unbearably with fecal matter. I stopped eating for 24 hours and took more laxatives, ingesting only liquids such as juice and water, using fiber supplements (like Benefiber) as much as the canister would allow daily. After taking a day of eating only high in fiber foods such as hot oat cereal, I felt like my intestines were still being filled too much. I stopped eating again for twenty hours. During the course of a week, I gradually had different sized bowel movements, none solid. They were not watery like diarrhea, but just a bit more solid. Like pudding, if you will. After that week, as I felt terrible with the consistent constipation, a family member pointed out that I hadn't exercised since this started, as I have a regular exercise routine for six days a week. So, I took her advice by taking a laxitive, doing a workout routine, soaking in a hot bath as a suggestion I found for constipation online, and fell asleep. When I awoke, I felt I may have been cured because (although still the same soft form) I had a large bowel movement that just about emptied my body. Feeling much better, I got back into a regular life routine, excersizing, pushing the fiber and eating regularly.

Less than a week later, the symptoms returned. Assuming my problem had been lack of excersize, I made sure to do my routine and increase intensity if needed. But it didn't help; I started the laxitives again. I only seemed to have bowel movements approx. 12-14 hours after use of laxitive (the bottle said movement was normally produced in 6-12 hours), and rarely (if at all) able to produce them on my own.

Today, the laxitive seemed to have the smallest effect yet. And what concerns me the most is what I found in the small amount of stools; to me, it appeared to be small bits of red flesh, attached to a smaller matter that looked like it may have been some kind of discharge. I am extremely concerned and very frightened, as I have no insurance, cannot afford any, and therefore have refrained from seeing a doctor. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before, so I am very uninformed on what it may be and very scared as to how serious it could be. I am out of options and have no idea what else to do. Please help me.

I am 20 years old, female, and have a history of kidney and bladder infections lasting from the age of three months to the age of ten years. My diet consists of all food groups, staying away from unhealthy ingredients such as High Fructose Corn Syrup as much as possible, and purchase Organic whenever I can.

This discussion is related to passing large amounts of raw flesh in stool.
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Hi - in general any marked change in bowel habits should form a basis for seeking medical advice.  Having said that, however, you are too young to be susceptible to the more sinister GI diseases.

I suggest that you try to avoid laxatives if at all possible since there could be a tendency to become more and more dependent (i.e. addicted) to them.  There was a posting some time ago on Medhelp from a patient who had become laxative "insensitive" and the treatment of last resort was surgery.

Although you try to include fibre in your diet, have you tried the following types of natural fibre sources:-

- raw pulverised fresh fruit to which some organic bran has been added
- raw pulverised fresh vegetables to which some organic bran has been added
- home made muesli (organic oats + bran soaked in milk to which grated fruit and nuts have been added - it looks like wet cement!!)
- always eat wholemeal organic brown bread
- natural yoghurt to which some bran has been added and mixed
- no processed foods
- drink ~ 2 litres of water per day

Hope that this might help you.

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Thank you very much for replying so quickly, I appreciate it more than you know. If you don't mind, I'd like to answer your question and maybe ask one myself.

I am glad to hear that I am too young for GI diseases. And yes, I am already aware (thanks to the bottle warnings) that overuse of laxatives can lead to dependence. I tried to be sure I would wait a few days in between taking them, making sure I didn't take them daily for a week, which the bottle warns against. As for fruit and vegetables as a source of fiber, I know they are excellent sources. I was actually trying to be sure I had some type of fruit or vegetable with every meal, which is easy because I love such foods. As for them being pulverized, I was actually wondering about that myself. Do you suggest pulverized because eating whole fruit (such as a whole apple or pear) may not be as easy on my condition as pulverized fruit? Also, at one point, I was eating nothing but a high in fiber oat cereal, and sometimes oatmeal. My bread is wheat with 1.5 grams of fiber per slice. I used to purchase Organic bread, but this bread is cheaper and has no artificial sugars, so I've been getting that to keep my health while saving some money. I try to stay away from processed foods as much as possible; I never eat fast food (McDonalds, Burger King, etc.), and I buy real cheese instead of the kind that says Cheese Product. And I've been a consistent water drinker for quite some time now. I almost felt like I had Diabetes at one point because my thrist sometimes felt unquenchable. But that's now resolved. Here's a question; my mother has been helping me through this, as she is a Medical Assistant with thirty years of experience, and she suggests yogurt because of the enzymes. Do you think that would be as effective as fiber? She also says that I should not stop eating and have only liquids as I have been doing because it could shut my system down. Although I do agree with her, the uncomfortable feelings and pain that come with being too full of fecal matter and being able to do nothing to empty myself are not worth the battle. I assumed I'd be ok without food for a period of time because I take vitamin supplements, such as fruit and vegetable vitamins, Omega 3, Calcium-Magnesium-Zinc, and Ginko Biloba.

Anyway, thanks so much for the reply, I will always appreciate it, and I hope to recieve another answer. God Bless you!
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Hi again - I believe that the cooking process reduces the amount of fibre in foodstuffs and therefore it might be advantageous to eat as much of your daily "fruit + veg" in the raw form.  However, there are certain vegetables that are probably more pleasant in the cooked form and I suggest that you eat them (lightly) cooked rather than not at all.  I believe sweetcorn and beans are particularly high in fibre.  Likewise no problem to eat fruit in solid form if you wish.

My suggestion to eat the fruit + veg in pulverised form was offered because:-

a) it might be easier to swallow/drink in the liquid form if you are eating a significant volume
b) bran is not particularly pleasant to swallow in its "unblended" form (a bit like swallowing sawdust...!!) but you should be able to ingest more of this very high fibre material if it is blended into a palatable liquid form such as pulverised fruit/veg.

In other words, I suggest that you eat bran frequently - but, for palatability, as a blend in fruit/veg/yoghurt/muesli etc etc

Yes - I suggest continuing to eat solid foods rather than only liquids/semi-liquids.  The key is a surely balanced diet with all necessary vitamins, minerals, enzymes etc etc - but, in your condition, with a strong bias towards "maximum fibre" rather than "apathy towards fibre".  Also, don't give up on "special old favourites" such as Swiss chocolate in moderation!!    

Oh - by the way I think prunes are also worth eating - in addition to their fibre content they contain anthrone which is a laxative.  But it is probably better to ingest this in its natural form rather than as a constituent of a commercial laxative such as Sennacot (or similar).

Hope this helps - do come back if I can help further..

But - on a cautionary note, I have no idea what could cause the small deposits of faecal residues that you describe and, as mentioned in my initial posting, any change in bowel habits should prompt you to seek medical advice both on the source of these deposits and perhaps also to double check that the "high fibre diet" that I have described is compatible with your doctor's assessment of your condition.

Best wishes
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Oh, I believe I asked my brother once about the fiber content being reduced in cooked vegetables, and I think he said the same thing. He is very well-informed on food and diets and has also been helping me through this. I have recently been getting back into an eating schedule, but starting with only fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and high in fiber foods such as hot Bran Cereal. My reasons were my mother's prompting and warnings of the body needing at least 2000 calories daily just to function, and I almost passed out at work and nearly fell asleep at the wheel while driving home because of lack of nutrition. Luckily, my diet seems to be having a positive affect because (while no longer taking laxatives), I was able to produce a solid bowel movement on my own. Although I am very excited and eager to return to my normal diet and lifestyle, I plan to continue this diet for a few days and wean myself back into other foods, perhaps eating one solid meal a day, and letting the others consist of my current diet. I am very eager, but also determined not to go back to where I was before (assuming I am now out of the woods). I actually forgot about prunes, thank you for reminding me :). Luckily I like them, as many people don't.

As for seeing a doctor, I plan to see a doctor at the doctor's office where my mother works because her family is treated for free. Although I am aware they may order testing that will require other hospitals, which I would have to pay for, I will worry about it when the time comes, and I am currently looking into getting some kind of insurance with my current employer. The cheapest one seems well enough, I just need to confirm it's price and the activation time. Also, I have not found anymore matter appearing to be flesh. :)

Thank you so much, your advice will always be appreciated. Do not feel pressured into answering this note unless you wish to, or if you have more advice. Thank you!!! :)
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Hi - you seem to be on the right track.  If you are overweight then the "Fruit + veg" diet might enable you to lose weight but if your weight is normal (or if you are slightly underweight) then yes, you must eat a ~2000 calorie per day diet.  However, this can easily be done with the suggested emphasis on fruit + veg with a few discretionary "hi cal" additions such as cheese, chocolate etc.  Maybe bananas are also a beneficial medium calorie/healthy supplement??

Good luck and do revert of you have any more questions.  As time passes it's probably easier to communicate via the Medhelp email facility rather than the postings which (I believe) disallow further postings after a certain amount of time.

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Although I do believe I still am on the right track, I stopped having bowel movements on my own after having three. Something I noticed was that the last one was firmer than the first two. So, now I'm wondering if the problem may have something to do with needing some kind of stool softener (I never took it into serious consideration because my stools were hardly firmer than diahrria for the first couple of weeks). Do you know any natural means for it, like a certain food? And I am not overweight (as a girl, I often say I am, but I'm not XD), so 2000 calories should be my diet. As for bananas, I know that overuse of them will lead to constipation, so I haven't touched a banana since this started for fear of it getting worse.

Thank you for your constant help, I will honestly appreciate it more than you will ever know. Oh, I was unaware that this may be discontinued. Could you maybe tell me how to use the Medhelp email facility in case it happens? Thank you so much!
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Hi again - sorry for the delay in replying but I have had trouble logging onto Medhelp for a few days.

As long as your motions are somewhere between "custard" and "thick mud" I would not worry.  Also hopefully you are expelling a quantity proportional to what you are eating??  If you can, I would try and control your motions solely by your fibre-rich diet and avoid chemical stool modifiers/laxatives etc.

My comments regarding the email were based on a previous attempt to post a reply (probably after some weeks??) and being unable to do so.  Therefore I presumed that after a period of time the "post a comment" facility is withdrawn.  I don't know when this restriction/deadline comes into play.  Therefore there is always the chance to send an email via the Medhelp email facility.  I am afraid I don't know how to initiate one since my previous usage involved replying to an email directed to me.  However the Medhelp admin centre should be able to clarify and advise you.

I'll keep watching this posting anyway in the hope that the direct response/post comment facility will remain aviailable to us/you.

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It's perfectly alright, I understand.

Actually, being sure the amount I expel is proportional to what I'm eating is exactly what I have been doing, therefore not being worried if it is small because I have not been eating much. I have carefully been avoiding laxatives, and instead taking a fiber-based colon cleanse my mother gave me, as she tried it herself a while back and didn't like it. My stools have been extremely runny since then, but I am finally having regular movements and allowing myself to eat a wider variety of foods, instead of sticking to the exhausting schedule of only one or two meals a day consisting of only high in fiber foods such as oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, and sometimes yogurt. And the size of my movements has seemed to stay consistent with the amount I eat. I'm not pushing it, still trying to eat carefully, but I will continue taking these until an order I placed comes in the mail. I will update  you more after I use it, but I was finally able to invest enough money in a detox program called Colonix by Dr. Natura.com (it consists of some kind of powder you put in drinks and tea that helps promote your body's detoxification system). I was skeptical, but I found it in a very reliable health book, and this program is the highest rated colon cleanse in the world, and has immensely successful and shocking results (a five out of five user rating). I believe it will be exactly the cure I need. When I see what it does for me, I will let you know. When it cures me, I may request your help in spreading the word to others on this site with colon problems. After all, who wouldn't want to share a cure? :)

Thanks for all the advice and help, I'll let you know how the detox program works!
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Hey there!

Well, I've been on the DrNatura Colonix detoxifying program for about two and a half weeks, and it's working great! I'm finally regular and able to eat normally again. Plus, I'm finding toxins while evacuating, letting me know that my body is cleaning itself out, and ridding me of the reasons I was chronically constipated in the first place. If you like, you can help me spread the word on this site to others with colon problems so they can share in the cure as well. You can simply give them the link to this page or the site itself. I'll put the link to the actual website below.

Thank you for all the help you've given me, I will always appreciate it! :D

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Hi - I'm really glad that you are progressing well and that you have found a solution that avoids the risk of laxative dependence - and I'll certainly highlight the programme to others who face similar challenges.

Best of luck

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