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Would An ENT Doctor Be Able to Help Dysphagia?

I have advanced tardive dystonia. If this is the wrong forum it can be moved. But the question is about a specific aspect of it which pertains to swallowing which is dysphagia. The dysphagia impacts on my ability to eat and especially swallow. The dystonia and dysphagia are treated with anti-Parkinson's medications. However, the dysphagia still remains. My neurologist had suggested that I potentially see an ENT doctor to do an exam for the dysphagia. However, he did say that they did not have a specific medication to treat it but could "teach me how to swallow". I really don't understand what that means. Obviously I could discuss clinical specifics with my neurologist but what does an ENT doctor do in general? And how do they treat or address problems with swallowing, specifically dysphagia? If I knew more about what to potentially expect and understand what these doctors do, it would make me more likely to follow up.
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Besides all of the doctors, I have seen many times where a speech pathologist has taught a person to swallow correctly, with great success. I have seen it with a family member as well as other people.  When a person is not eating for a while or another medical occurrence affects the swallowing a speach pathologist is brought in.
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Thanks. I'll look into that.
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You're welcome, Ihope it works out for you. Keep me posted.
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I found your post doing a search. I am having dysphagia issues. I have been referred to a gastroentrologist and have had two endoscopy procedures but have had no relief. I was wondering what you found out and how things have gone for you? Would like to hear from you in a e-mail if you are willing?

Thank you!

David: ***@****
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