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Yellow Bile On Stool?

So the past few months, I've minor blood on stool. I went to the doctor, he performed an Anoscopy and identified a potential tear. Lately the bleeding stopped, but I've noticed (for awhile) the presence of a yellow liquid that sinks to the bottom of the toilet with my stool. It looks reminiscent of urine.

My bowel habits have not changed, and the blood ceased to exist when I stopped straining, so I assume it was a tear. I've "pushed" all my life so this is a change of pace for me.

Should I be alarmed? After I eat or feel stressed, I have some minor minor cramping, but its more of a slight soreness than any actual pain. Not even worthy of taking aspirin over. The color of my bowel movements seems to react to what I eat (lighter brown with a tan hue when I eat carbs/fiber and meat, darker and harder when I don't and eat poorly) so that seems fairly normal.

Note: I don't have diarrhea, my stool is on the soft side, but does not float or have any abnormalities.
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