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Yellow Diarrhea and dizzyness

I have been unwell since Febuary, symptoms nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizzyness. I have been treated for an overreplaced thyroid, h.pylori (two months ago) but still have persistant diarrhea, now bright yellow, I'm up several times in the night. I also have which is the most dibilitating is dizzyness and a feeling as if there is pressure in my ears.

I am seeing an endocrologist for my thyroid disease, he has taken ceoliac antibodies which came back negative. He has now referred me to a gastroenterologist but this could be a seven week wait.
Any ideas of what this is or how I can help?  

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Hi, I dont have anything to offer but Im in the same boat! Ive been getting little bouts on and off and Ive had two endoscopies and one colonoscopy. The only thing the dr, found is gastritis and h pylori. I began having sharp pains in my stomach occasionally until i went to have the first endoscopy in January.  Dr. said it was gastritis (which is when the stomach lining gets inflamed, and thus the pain) but after my treatment for this (acid surpressing drugs) I began getting ill every few days. Like a stomach bug but ive been unbelievablely cautious with hygiene! Anyway in april I was sent into ER by my doctor where I was talking to new doctor every few minutes who were all concentrating on different things, It was impossible to tell them all exactly how i was feeling as i was quite lightheaded too and i just wanted to get home. So they sent me for another endoscopy and colonoscopy where my gastro doc found gastritis again and now H.pylori bacteria but all else clear. While these explain the nausea and vomiting it doesnt explain why I would wake up to get sick and then the diarrhea would begin minutes later and then lightheadness.(I dont think hpylori and gastritis can cause diarrhea, but correct me if im wrong) Literally the symptoms were coming all together within 20 minutes and then would disappear a day or two later just as fast as they came. Im also soo tired all the time of late. Ive had heaps of blood tests as i have a pain in under my left breast and ribs too but I just feel im getting nowhere trying to figure it out!!! Im back to the gastro on the 26th but I feel as if he doesnt really get how sick Im actually feeling and how bright yellow water diarrhea for a long period of time is just not normal, Ive never had anything like it!
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