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Yellow Stool + headache + fatigue...

Im petrified.

Ive been dealing with this yellow stool, fatigue and headache issue for almost 3 months.  My original doc was writing it off.  I got a new doc who ran tests said that I flagged one of the 4 tests for celiac disease and referred me to a digestive health specialist.  That was two weeks ago and I havent had ANY gluten in my diet.  Ive cut out 99% of all gluten and sugar yet I STILL have yellow stool, I still have an ongoing headache that goes in and out throughout the day and also my back has been aching for this entire three months as well.

They also say I have an enlarged spleen and fatty liver.

So petrified.  Anyone else dealt with this?
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I don't know if it is celiac disease but if you truly want to try it you need to cut out all gluten.  A lot of things that you wouldn't think have gluten do (like soy sauce), so you need to read all the labels.  Also you need to cut out gluten for about one month before you can conclude that it isn't doing again.  Good luck.
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Do you know what happened that made this start in the first place? Where you on any type of antibiotics? I am like you except of the headaches. Mine started after taking antibiotics and GI Dr couldn't find anything except maybe c-difficle.(sorry spelling) I have been told from someone else that it is hard to get rid of. I have been trying to get answers and going holistic ways and reading books.
Please i have the same problem I was on antibiotic and addition I had right upper abdominal pain how do you assist yourself please
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Agree with patient915 that you'd need to cut out all gluten to be sure.

@askmyworld - C. difficile is no joke. If you have it, you need to be on heavy-duty antibiotics. I'm all for natural treatments, but not for C. diff.  That's something you need modern medicine for, if you don't want to end up in the hospital or worse.
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Have you had your gall bladder tested?  Light stools are one of the signs...
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Hi j. Please read my submittal on tissuey stool.  I have had numerous tests - for 4 years! and they keep telling me nothing is wrong.  But try cleansing internally first.  Start with para, then colon, then liver, etc.  My recent is with intestinal and I use vinegar - cheap - after I've spent over $25K on therapists, herbals, etc.  But it takes time and trying different things.  I was doing well and started having healthy movements by doing the cereal stuff, but not all of the internal infections were gone.  I've been doing the vinegar colonics daily for the past few weeks - still having mucousy releases but otherwise things are better.  I still have pain but nowhere near what I had years ago.
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I had an issue with yellow soft stools for about 6 or 7 weeks one summer at the age of 8. Every time I stood up my head would ache and I had to lay back down. No one knew what I had. about year later my Aunt sent me an article on a disease transferred from green and painted baby turtles. We would catch the turtles in the local river, play with them and then let them go. I may have got some transfer from the turtles into my system or maybe caught something from swimming in the river.
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I just went through a bout of this but I am getting back to normal, I was also having terrible stomach bloating but after a battery of test they said all was normal and it has passed.
I just want to say though in reference to post on cleansing because over the years I have had different bowel problems (IBS). Cleanses for the colon are not a really good thing. They take away the good bacteria with the bad which can cause other problems. By increasing more fruit and greens into your diet - eating three meals a day - and a casual 20 minute walk you can achieve a good healthy balance. So simple but I always come back to it and it works. Dr's give you pills, herbalist give you herbs and cleanses. Pills do work I am not against them but pills and herbs can sometimes cause problems you don't want. Hope you find your answer. Sites like this help because you can find out from others who are experiencing some of the same things you are and at least find a process of elimination and you don't feel so isolated when your test come back normal. We know our bodies and what we feel - Dr's don't always get it. Good luck.
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It's the fluoride in the water supply. Look into it.
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I was suffering from feeling fainting for about two days , I dont know if my blood glucose was low or sometimes low , sometimes high ,I am STILL doing yellow stools....... diarrhea...... for almost two months now , was feeling very tired and sick as well , anyone can help me pls ?? as someone told me I have infection in the intestines , others told me I have celiac disease , i dont know . hope that nothing is serious as Im obese ......
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