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Yellow pea sized balls in poop??

So today i went to the bathroom like normal, after i got up i noticed about 3 of these tiny pea sized things in my poop.. they were yellowish and when i popped it i noticed the shell was even like a pea but somewhat harder, and a bit of fluid and white powdery looking stuff came out? I havent eaten any food like that, my diet hasnt been great lately due to a crazy schedule (breakfast is usually cereal or poptarts, dinner is honestly whatever we have in the fridge), i also take wellbutrin 300mg and 150mg but i dont think its those? I started it about a few months ago and had to keep upping my dosage to where it is right now, i think ive been on this dosage for a few weeks now. After googling, it doesnt look like gallstones, i dont THINK its my medication also because theres no gel capsule for them, im not sure about casein curds i dont think it looks like it but am not sure, i have also seen a lot of things about parasites and am obviously worried. Is there any idea what this could really be?? And what actions can i take for this? I cant currently go to a doctor because of insurance and money issues. I am also a 21 yr old female if thats any factor.
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Don't get panic. It is just normal and can be cured as well. consult your nearby doctors for a better cure. Don't take any online medicine.
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It’s a “ghost tablet”
Don’t worry it’s normal!
Just the excretion of extended release medication such as some SRIs and SNRIs
Medication is still absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract but that is the left over that comes out.
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I had these issues as well, when disected the entire pill insides are inside this little graped sized object, undigested Metformin XR, yes, undigested. My dr and I wondered why my A1c went from 7 to 12, well here is the answer I was not digestng the new Metformin XR. Weather done on purspose from manufacturers across the sea or due to my own lack of digesting, something is terribly wrong here. Full size of pill with insides intact.
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Well, when stuff comes through our digestive track, it's a remnant of it's former self.  :)))  I'd say it was something you ate.  Corn is notorious for this.  Because you brought it up, I read all about (whew, more than I ever wanted to know) about caisen curds.  Ee gads.  seems to be related to a milk allergy?  I did see though that in general, curd looking things in poop are NOT usually caisen but undigested food.  And that is nothing alarming or dangerous.  Soooo, long story short, if it were me, I'd pay really close attention to what you are eating and monitor this.  If it continues, call a doctor, get a stool kit.  That's something in which you'd do a poop and scoop with and take it them (don't they have a great job) and they will analyze it and tell you exactly what those little pod things are.  But don't assume the worse and see if it continues.  good luck
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Lmao im so sorry!! Thats basically my morning right now, such a nice thing to wake up to and have to panic research. I really dont think i ate anything thatd look like it (corn, peas, etc). The thing i was just really worried about was the shell and insides, ive never heard of anything like it.. When i did some looking about it i found people saying theyre eggs so that set alarms off in my head. Some also said the powdery insides were actually the parasites, so more alarms. Milk isnt great with me but ive had it so regularly i doubt itd be anything with it..? Im going to try a VERY strict diet and write down what & when i eat so i can hopefully find out what it is. Im still very worried but hopefully its as you said..?
How are you doing now?  It's so easy to get worried when we are looking up things like this online!  If you are still worried, doesn't hurt to get a doctor to check you out.  Hope you are doing a bit better now!
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