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Yogurt and probiotics - Does it help?

I recently had my gallbladder removed and I was told that yogurt with probiotics will help regulate my bowel again and keep the yeast at bay after all of the antibiotics I have had to take.

Is this true? If so, what is the recommended daily intake?

Yogurt = yuckie, but I will eat it if it works. There actually are yogurts that don't taste like yogurt.

(thank goodness! I am such a food wimp!)
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Thanks all! Decided to take your advice and used the caps. My digestive system is much better!

U guys rock
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Hi Junkie, yogurt hater here too.  Of one of my nurses actually told me you would have to eat a ton of it before any of the cultures could actually make it thru the digestive system, and recommended the probies.  Agree with CalGal on the capsule forms available - much higher amounts and easier to take.  Try spacing them apart from any meds you may be on however.  I found that if I took too many though, it caused a few IBS symptoms (gassy, bloated etc).  Best of luck to you.
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ok you sound like me walmart sells digestive enzymes  you take before your meals it has to have amelyse lipase and protease in it  now papaya is good also stay away from greasy fried food ,  BM tell you if your digesting the grease and oils , i dont  i too dump alot since my gallbladder was removed 2/07 now yorgurt with live cultures eat the icecream yorgurt if you don';t want the other, if you like the enzymes go to vitaminshoppe com look for pancreatin  enzymes or digestive enzymes i have found if i take them 2 times a day i do good , but you have to build up the enzymes in my opinion the rx is called pancreatin this was too harsh on my stomach my gasto rx them  and i just had my colonoscopy every 2 yrs and i started diverticulosis and started dumping again so i am back on my enzymes  i was off enzymes for 1 yr so tis the season
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Junkie, you might want to consider going the capsule route for probiotics if you don't care for yogurt. And the 'counts' of the good bacteria are typically higher in capsule form. There are some very good brands on the market that include Culturelle, Digestive Advantage-IBS and FloraQ among others.

Yes, they should help you readjust after taking antibiotics and it's a great idea. I sometimes think docs should prescribe probiotice (or hand their patients a bottle of them) when they prescribe antibiotics.

The only contraindication to the probiotics would be if you're immunosuppressed or if you're experiencing pancreatitis.
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