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Young Women born with Pancreatitis and need helps... can't take anymore.

I was diagnosed with the condition at age 3. At which time my gall bladder was removed along with with a Roun-Y procedure. I am now 25. I am always in a low level of pain that I have managed. I get attacks where my Lipase and Amalyse elevate sometimes minimally , many time into the thousands plus. At this time I am treated at a hospitial with iv pain medication, fluids and rest. This has more or less become my constant life. When home I now have to take strong pain medication that makes me very sick and decreasing my quality of life further. I very much find my current state of treatment and living untolerable. I want intervention in some surgical form. They have not found the exact cause of why I have the pancreatitis so they treat the symptoms and leave at that. I have no family to help me. The pain is horrible but taking the pills and being " dope sick" all the time is too. I don't wan't to end my life but I can't bear anymore of not living it.

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4218301 tn?1351214599
I also have Celiac Disease , GERD and CFS. Fun....
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