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Zantac causes cancer ?

So the news broke last month that Zantac has high amounts of ndma in it. Ndma is used in lab rats to induce cancer. How are they giving this stuff to millions of people for 40 years and just now finding it out? Surely the makers knew from day 1 that it could convert to ndma? I took this for several months and took 24 pills of it for gastritis like symptoms. I also have mental health issues. Its not helping reading zantac can cause all of these cancers colon, kidney, bladder, lung, liver etc etc etc.... So anyone who took this medication gets tested for all these cancers how? This is ridiculous! and I'm very mad
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It's been recalled voluntarily but not really because it 'causes cancer'.   Testing is an issue with it to find out the level of NDMA.  NDMA is a carcinogen but also found in water and many foods such as meats, dairy products and vegetables.  The level is so low and the FDA is testing product currently but they (the FDA) didn't recall the Zantac, the manufacturer did.  So, it was voluntary as a precaution.    https://www.fda.gov/drugs/drug-safety-and-availability/fda-updates-and-press-announcements-ndma-zantac-ranitidine  and here is the info on safety. https://www.fda.gov/safety/medical-product-safety-information/zantac-ranitidine-safety-information-ndma-found-samples-some-ranitidine-medicines.  They didn't tell people to stop taking it at that time.

I would personally not worry about taking it previously.  Hope that helps.
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