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a few symptoms that could be serious--i need some help.

idk if this falls under gastrointestinal or not.. probably not. anyways, ill make this short and sweet.
my symptoms are these: globus sensation WITH clicking feeling when swallowing, sternum pain (dull ache that lasts a few seconds, occurs often) heart palpitations (also occur fairly often, sometimes one flutter every few seconds, other times my heart pounds for no reason)

anybody know what this could be? i work in a doctor's office, and my boss (head nurse) said it could be mitrol valve prolapse, but im not fatigued, unless i dont get enough sleep.

help! should i see a cardiologist? problem is the globus sensation wouldn't be something he would deal with/diagnose??
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This does not sound like MVP to me.  

Are you having the heart palps, fluttering and pounding everyday?  

Sounds GI in my opinion, Globus Pharyngis?  I am not sure if this is actually your heart fluttering, etc. or spasms you are feeling coming from your esophagus or larynx.  

Since you work in a physician's office, can you not get her/his opinion?  

I would definitely have at least a basic EKG and a CT (high resolution) or an MRI of your Larynx done, which your regular physician should be able to order and go from there.  
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i could get his help but im newly employed (one week) and i dont want to have to take time off of a new job and from other patients for him to see me.
i know the globus sensation may be gi but idk that it is related to the heart problems
the palpitations are not everyday, but the chest pain is and its getting worse.
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Well, do you have a regular physician?  You should definitely have this SORTED out ASAP.  I would start with your regular physician first and then go from there.  

Not sure if this is your heart or not or two different problems, but you need to act fast if you think this is your heart.  

Another possibility could be a thyroid issue.  Whatever it is, I don't think it is TWO separate problems.  

Good luck.  

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