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abdominal pain after an enema

I did an enema three days ago, first time - with about 600ml of warm water. After expeling the enema water i still felt full but this didn't last for long- maybe an hour or so. Then through the day I felt mild pain in the abdominal region (probably nothing i said). Next day the food i ate wasn't so healthy (i have compulsive eating "disorder" i think - i just full myself with everything there is around, but this is  for some other time). It probably wasn't good for my colon as it was still a little edgy from the enema. The second day i had some constant strange feeling in lower abdominal region (no pain, just discomfort) and after every meal (they were small and healthy) i felt very full (like i just ate 2kg of ice cream). Later that day i felt a little cramping in my (stomach, i think). I said probably nothing to worry about. Today i woke up and it was all normal, then i ate some eggs for breakfast and again I felt full like I would ate a whole supermarket. But there was no pain until later when I fulled myself with a lot of food again. So now is like 6 hours from that and I still feel full and in pain - abdominal and right (left too) side of the chest.

1) The enema water maybe went inside a little too fast (600 ml in about 1-2 minutes)
2) I did hold it for almost 10 minutes.
3) About compulsive eating; i'm working on that, i started meditating and i can control it better (it's mostly because of stress and depression)
4) Until yesterday I had a big stomach (i was amateur bodybuilder two years ago so i was used to eat big meals), but never had problem with that cause it was ok an hour after a meal.
5) I had bowels 1 day after an enema, no blood.
6) I measured my body temperature an hour ago: it's 37.2
7) I'm 19, no known illneses.

So should i go to the ER? I'll go to the doctor after the weekend anyway, but right now? Thanks I'd really appreciate some help right now.
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  600 ml is quite a bit to be doing an enema with, especially if this is one of the first times you have done an enema.  Why did you do the enema in the first place?
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really? i said i would take as much as i can without any discomfort - and before i knew it there wasnt any water left. anyway i did it to clean my colon - for better health.
So I didnt go to the ER back then but i still have a little stomach problems since then. I dont know if this is because of an enema though...
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What said to take as much as you could?  Were you having any symptoms that made you think you needed to clean your colon?  Because in general, enemas are not necessary (unless you are constipated) and colon cleanses or detoxes are just scams.
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