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abdominal pain/bloating

I am a 39 y/o F with history of RA, hysterectomy at age 27 due to dysfunction thicken endometrium, endometreosis and kidney stones.  I have had increasing abdominal bloating for almost 4 months.  I cut back on soda, high fat foods, and added more abdominal exercises to my workout without any improvement.  Then for the last two months more symptoms have cropped up and progressively getting worse.  Bilateral lower intemittent pelvic pain, frequent urination, loose stool, decreased appetite, feel full/bloated and fatigued.  Went to ER for severe left sided abdominal pain.  US was ordered to rule out ovarian cyst. Results. R ovarian complex, mulit septated with thicken mildly nodular walls, largest component 2cm, with blood flow into ovary.  L unable to visualized due to diffuse bowel gas shadowing.  CT (no contrast) was ordered to rule out kidney stone, trace of blood in urine. Results:  Abnormal distal jejunum thickening loops measuring 11mm, 17mm, 14mm without significant stranding, the sigmoid colon demonstrates some diverticulosis, no diverticulitis. The rest all normal including both ovaries.  Followed up wtih primary doctor 1 week later, was sent for another CT with oral and IV contrast.  Results:  Rim-enhancing cyst on Right ovary, attenuation of 30 Hounsfield units measuring 1.9X2.0. follow up ultra sound suggested.  Left ovary and bowel appear normal.  The following week referred to OB/GYN for cyst evaluation and he schedules a Laproscopy.  I had the laproscopy done and now more confused and flustrated then ever.  Right ovary normal, no cyst found.  One functional cyst on left ovary.  He said he found some adhesions and was concerned about Acsending colon, upon inspection said it was definitely  thickened, boggy and color pale whitish gray needed to follow up with gastroenterology.  I understand symptoms resolve on there own but this has been over a very short time frame (3 weeks).  I should be glowing by now from all the radiation.  Any suggestions/advice.  All labs were virtually normal (CBC, CMP, Sed Rate, CRP, TSH, CA 125 was 14.  How reliable are these test?                  
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