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abdominal pain
I have lower left quadrant abdominal pain, worse at night, smouldering during day, worse when sitting.
I have been diagnosed with Crohn's.
Cat scan is negative, ultrasound is negative for the mass I can feel especially at night and which seems to swell and become quite tender.The gastroenterologist says he did not find the mass at colonoscopy.He has not since physically checked but has done the endoscoscopy and  checked .
He did not order any bloodwork.
Colonoscopy revealed a precancerous polyp which was removed and also the area of crohn's in the sigmoid area.
I have had severe abdominal pain which goes from LLQ and shoots acroos to the RLQ and up behind the stomach.
An upper endoscopy revealed three small ulcers which are responding to 40mgNexium once daily.
There is some relief from the use of cortifoam enemas once nightly
The pain in the LLQ continues
My next GI appointment is in December
Would be glad of advice

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