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acid reflux after stomach virus

I have had a really bad cold, coughing like mad, uncontrolable cough even with prescription cough medicine.  The only thing that would calm the cough down was halls cough drops, which I used one after the other for 3 or 4 days, along with musinex, and ibuprofen for pain.  I also got a 24 hour stomach virus right after.  I didnt vomit.  Now I have the most horrible heartburn for the last 3 days that nothing relieves for long.  A horrible burning in my esophagus and my throat.   Pepcid which usually takes care of any heartburn symptons I have ever had, is not even touching it.  I cant eat, and it feels as if I have been blown up with air.  What could be causing these symtons?

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hi, it sounds very much like gastritis.
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Here's the deal: When you're sick, one of the ways your body fights off illness is by producing more acid. If your body perceives a threat, it's going to start pumping acid to kill anyting it can. That's actually normal.

However, in your case, you're also complaining about bloating and the such. That tells me food is hanging out inyour somach for too long. (How've your bathroom habits been? Getting enough fiber?)

Here's what I would do: First, go see the doc about this, since the bloating is NOT normal and may be caused by something else. (For example, if the cold virus attacked your nervous system, then there might be some temporary damage causing your autonomic functions to not work properly.) I might also recommend you grab yourself some DGL and have it before meals. you can get this at the local health food store, or through iHerb.com. This will help protect your stomach lining against all the acid. You also might want to start adding a lot of turmeric to your meals for the next few days. This has been shown to help with acid reflux.

For the moment, stop the Pepcid (an H2 inhibitor) since it doesn't seem to be working, and switch to a liquid like Maalox or something which'll cover the esophagus, like Gaviscon. These should help with the pain. However, if this doesn't seem to help within a day or 2, go to the store and pick up some Prilosec OTC. (Omeprazole is the generic name); take one 20mg tablet every day. This should help some, but it takes a few days to start working. It's safe to take Omeprazole (a PPI) with something like Maalox or Gaviscon, but wait at least an hour or 2 between each: don't take them at the same time.

During this time, try this recipe:

1 teaspoon each chamomile flowers, lemon balm leaves and licorice root

½ teaspoon slippery elm bark

¼ teaspoon each fennel seeds and catnip leaves

1½ cups boiling water

1½ cups carrot or apple juice (optional)

Combine herbs and pour boiling water over them. Steep for at least 15 minutes, then strain out herbs and add juice. Drink 1 cup after each meal. Stored in the refrigerator, this formula will keep for a few days.

If your heartburn is still bothering you after 2 weeks, go to a doctor. There might be something else going on, as I mentioned before. And I highly recommend you go to a gastroenterologist instead of sticking with your general doctor.
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Oh, and adopt a GERD diet for the moment. Also, go low-fat, and avoid hard to digest vegetables. If you want to boost your vitamin C intake (for boosting your immunity again) eat lots of spinach. Avoid vitamin C supplements. Also, you might want to take some echinacea, but at this point it might not be of much help. And don't take it for more than 2 weeks, because at that point you start weakening the immune system rather than strengthening it.
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    I suffered from the same thing since I was a kid. I have probably eaten thousonds of antacids (no kidding) and boxes upon boxes of baking soda. About 10 years ago I was told I have GERD and took meds for it every day. Then it got worse, kinda like how you explained with the burning in the throat that was so bad I couldn't take it. I went to a specialist and after testing, was told i have Barretts esophogus. I have to watch it can still take meds, but it's much better. Ask your Doc and see what he (she) says. Good luck.
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