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acid reflux and high blood pressure

is it possible that acid reflux can be associate with stress and high blood pressure.
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I went to so my doctor be one day I started with this slight pain in the soft spot between my breast bone and I started to vomit.  He told me he thinks it's acid reflux so he gave me Nexium.  Since I've started the Nexium my stomach is always puffed and I want to vomit all the time, he also send me to do an ultrasound of the abdomen and UGI test, will be doing that in two weeks.  My question can Nexium be making me feel so sick and do you think its acid reflux, because I can't even have a simple cup of tea without vomiting or upset stomach and I was never sick before. Please help
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I am not a doctor, just another GI patient, but I can speak from experience.  I had all the high blood pressure and the problems associated with the acid reflux medications myself, including the nausea.

I learned that food sensitivities, which are not the same as "true" food allergies are the biggest culprits in causing the symptoms of GERD.  I no longer take reflux medications, because I follow a strict diet, out of necessity.  I started getting sick from the reflux medications myself.  I was on a similar medication in the same class as Nexium, too.

You are very likely sensitive to the tea plant.  I know for sure that I am.  Citrus aggravates the issue, too.  I've been in your shoes, 'til I found out that the culprit was food sensitivities.  The food sensitivities are not "true" allergies, so they can't be found out by traditional allergy tests.  Allergy tests are still a useful way to start, even if food items still test negative, because of something called cross reactions.  For example:  I am definitely allergic to birch.  Many plants have similar proteins to the pollen in birch pollen, therefore there are many cross reactions to various food plants and medicinal herbs because of the cross reactions to birch pollen.  For me, this involves the sunflower and marigold family, too.  There are some alternative tests that are contoversial and expensive that I want to do, but the out of pocket expense is cost prohibitive for me.  So, in the meantime, I have learned what my food sensitivities are by trial and error.  The best way was through my naturopath and going through a food elimation diet.  I didn't know that's what I was doing when I started it before I started seeing my naturopath, but since I had already started on my own (without knowing that's what it was), it was easy for me to do the final tweaks that she told me to do.  It turned out that I was sensitive to everything on the list.  Not everyone is, though.  

Black tea wasn't on the list, but coffee is.  Still, you are very likely sensitive to all real tea.  I know for sure that I am.  I stay away from all black, green and white tea, because they all come from the same plant.  If I drink any real tea, I have the same problem that you do.  Our bodies simply don't want it.  You'll have to watch those herbal teas, too, because they are blends of many things.  I have problems with most of them, because of one or two ingredients that are in the blend.  This is unfortunate, because herbal teas are a great idea for people who are dieting and avoiding sugary drinks such as sodas and those sweetened drinks that are actually just as bad as sodas.

The list on the elimination diet says to avoid all "obvious" forms of sugar for this time period.  This includes the sugars found naturally in fruit, especially dried fruits.  This also includes the high fructose corn syrup that the majority of people in this nation and much of the Western world are addicted to.  This includes the lesser evil of cane sugar.  This includes Agave syrup, and honey.  Because I'm allergic to birch, I steer clear of xylitol, because most of that is made from birch.  But, it also turns out that I'm sensitive to xyltiol that isn't found in birch, such as that found naturally in raspberries, which is a shame, because I used to love picking fresh, organic raspberries from the bushes my grandparents grew every summer when I was growing up.  I love raspberries, but they don't love me back.  Not worth it.  So, you really have to get strict about avoiding all forms of "obvious sugar" 'til it's time to challenge sugar.

The naturopath or nutritionist will guide you through the rest of the elimination diet, but it's so worth it, even if you end up on a stricter diet than you had hoped for.  I have GERD pretty bad, but I don't even use the medications for GERD any more.  There is another reason why you want to avoid using the medications long term.  A friend of mine warned me just in the nick of time.  I was starting to feel sick from the medication itself.  She told me that she had been taking the same one that I was taking, in the same class as Nexium, and twice a day like the doctor's prescription was written, but two years later it had destroyed the lining to her stomach and small intestine.  I was certainly really nauseous all the time when she told me this, and I know it was because of the medication, because I was feeling the most nauseous after taking the medication.  I didn't quite know what to do, because I was having such terrible reflux all the time.

Then, another friend of mine told me about looking into food sensitivities and the elimination diet.  It really does work.  I rarely get reflux any more.  I still have IBS issues, but not as bad as it was before discovering the food sensitivities.  

Hopefully, you won't end up with as many food sensitivities as I have, but I am certain that you should avoid drinking tea for now, 'til you are on that elimination diet under directions from a naturopath or nutritionist who can give you the rest of the information you need to know.  Then, you can challenge tea again and see if it still gives you problems like it is now.  I know a lot of people with food sensitivities.  Avoiding the foods that give you problems is very important.

One big thing to avoid is processed foods, especially those that are loaded with artificial foods and preservatives.  If you can't pronounce it, don't eat it.  I buy my grains in the bulk foods section and cook my foods fresh.  I don't buy canned foods either, because most of the canned foods line their cans with BPA, which is that plastic that everyone is trying to avoid and there are preservatives that make my stomach feel sick.  There are a handful of responsible companies that don't do this, but they are few and far between.  You're better off with fresh foods as much as possible.

Since I made these changes, my blood pressure, and my cholesterol improved greatly.  I also had the added bonus of losing all that weight that didn't want to come off before.  My overall cholesterol is great and I'm no longer pre-diabetic.  My BP is fine now.  I don't even have edema in my ankles any more.  And, I don't have the major issue I had with my GERD any more.  I will always have to be careful with my diet, though, because I will always have the GERD.  Still, I'm not suffering with the GERD, like I was before I made the necessary changes in my diet.
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