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acute pencreatitis with mild ascites

My wife has been suffering from pencreatitis and have also been diagnosed with ascitesbsurrounding the uterus. Its been a week already but real sign of improvement. She is on IV treatment and no oral diet. I want to know what is the average healing time for this disease?
I am concerned about what I read about this disease. She is complaining about soar stomach n acute pain with no real relief. Please suggest!
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Hello and hope you are doing well.
It is difficult to comment on her scan report findings without examining her and correlating the findings with her symptoms. Abdominal pain is the chief compliant in acute pancreatitis.Nausea; vomiting and sweating are other symptoms. Most cases go away in a week. Few cases develop into a life-threatening illness. Complications are ascites, cyst or fluid buildup in pancreas, low B.P etc.Haemorrhagic pancreatitis, necrotizing pancreatitis and involvement of liver, heart and kidney carries poor prognosis. Some amount of free fluid can be norm al around the uterus. Any infection or inflammation can cause it. Discuss your concerns with the treating doctor. Write us again.
Best luck!
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