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always packed colon

I have been constipated pretty much 1 full year , due to what the doctors say is caused from methadone , which i take as perscription 40 mls daily.I am miserably bloated and full of gas and my doctor keeps saying im packed aswell as i am loosing weight , low energy and lower stomach pains across middle stomach aswell as feeling sluggish and nauseated , all my doctor says is use enemas and drink gallons of go lytely .... could anyone give me suggestions on how to get my bowels working again yours sincerely
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hi buddy, I am sorry to hear you are feeling so bad. I get constipated often here it seems.
I dont know if you have tried a Fleet glycerin suppository yet....they are very mild and it works for me here
They are much easier to use than the enema.
Drop me a line here, let me know if this helps.
Talk to you soon buddy,
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  I really recommend against using enemas on a daily basis.  Have you tried other laxatives?  Sometimes you need to try different laxatives until you find one that works.  Have you seen a gastroenterologist or just your regular doctor?
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i have seen a regular dr and a surgeon and all they push is laxatives i have yet to find one that works i used lactulose , dulcolax , fleet enemas , senekot to no avail im near ready to xplode here at wits end i exercise walk miles you name it still nothing
i should see a gastro but my gp wouldnt even give me a requisition for a food sensitivity test
oh and this is a good one i said to my g.p i feel like im being poisoned he replied you are . and if it does you in who knows was his reply nice doc huh
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hello matt thanks for your concern tried all those products worked a little nothing amazing though , my doc had me drinking litres of go lytley and sodium phosphate enemas 2 back 2 back with little to no results
hope to hear from you again matt take care and hope you are having a good christmas
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oh ya i forgot to mention when i take 3 dulcolax tablets i get lots of gas like emediately and i also have a hard time urinating i guess due to feces pushing on my bladder damn im miserable lol actually crying aint gonna help
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First I would recommend finding a different GP.  Then ask for a referral to a gastroenterologist.  I would recommend trying miralax or milk of magnesia or magnesium citrate when it is really bad to see if those help.
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