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ammonia body odor

For at least 2 to 3 months I've been experiencing ammonia type body odor to a weird meaty body type odor.  It's like I can actually smell ammonia in my nose.  Sometimes it feels as if it's in my throat.  Other times I can taste a "meaty" type of odor smell?  I know this sounds weird but please bear with me on this.  It's not my imagination working over time either!  My car and apartment takes on my body odor.  I can shower for an hour and a 1/2 and immediately after coming out of the shower I still have this weird off body odor like ammonia or fried meat?  I eat pretty healthy.  Drink lot's of water.  I've noticed that over the past months that my bowel habits have changed.  More cramping, constipation and diarrhrea.  I've also noticed blood in my stools.  Bright red to be more specific.  I do have hemmoroids so I attribute the bleeding to my hemmoroids but I can't be sure because I also have stomach pains off and on when my stomach is empty.  Like a burning sensation.  I use to drink a lot of coffee and soda but I think that's what caused my stomach issues.  I plan on seeing my doctor soon!  I have some ideas like maybe H. Pylori or some type of bacteria overgrowth in my gut?  I dunno but it's not normal.  I wasn't born like this so I doubt if I have TMAU.  I suspect that it's internal because my stool smells of ammonia as well.  Any thoughts?
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I am no Expert and I know nothing about Medical issues.  But I do know that ammonia is a part of the Urea that comes out with the Urine.  (check out sharks at the fish market, they smell like ammonia as well).  If I had to guess...  Perhaps a kidney problem, your kidneys or liver are not getting rid of the ammonia/urea.
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I am not a doctor either but I have non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. In advanced stages of this disease, the liver has problems breaking down and getting rid of the type of waste products that it is specifically designed to do. When these waste products are not expelled from the body, they create the product of ammonia. Too much ammonia can lead to disorientation and swelling of the brain.

If your problem is liver related, you will need to go to a gastroenterologist for exam and bloodwork to measure what is in your blood - including ammonia levels and your liver enzymes. I have had a liver biopsy 2 years ago and found out I had the cirrhosis. If you do have this illness, besides seeing a gastroenterologist you will need to change your diet substantially. This includes very limited protein consumption (a sick liver has problems breaking down and clearing the by-products of protein and this results in possible higher ammonia levels), higher fiber diet and lots of fruits and vegetables. Do not eat fried food as high fat content irritates the situation with a sick liver. Also, I was told by my GI doctor to take fiber in a glass of whatever is tasty. This also helps with constipation issues and keeps the colon cleaner.

I hope this helps. Please remember that I have written about liver issues and it may not be that. If your regular doctor does not pursue this issue as fast as you need to or dismisses the problem, move on to another doctor fast. I would recommend going to a GI doctor immediately to verify whether it is a gastrointestinal issue or not. In the 3 years I have been dealing with my liver issue, I have found that doctors I have gone to are not aggressive enough in trying to find out the cause of health problems. I do not know why, but my guess is that they are either overloaded with patients or the insurance companies rules regarding treatment for a health issue makes them more conservative in pursuing a health issue.

Good luck,
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Dude2008 I just want you to know that your not alone.  I have been suffering from the same problem and symptoms for a couple of years now.  I also had the H. Pylori test but they came up negative.  I found that a diet low in protein and high in low glycemic carbs help the smell lessing. My doctor suggest I have some hormone tests taken to ensure there is not a imbalance, I have not taken them yet, but I will let you know when I do.  I hope knowing that you are no longer alone in this battle well give you some comfort.
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I have had the same thing for almost a couple months now. I can smell amonia in my actual nose and also simply all over my skin. I have recentl gained about five lbs and got a bit out of shape after changing work schedules. I eat mostly vegan. I am 35, female, pretty healthy and fit overall. I eat mostly vegetables, but potato chips and coffee would be my main culprits of poor health? Any progress yet in finding out what this is? Its very confusing and drives you crazy at first right? Its hard to even discover and pinpoint, like " what IS that smell and where is it from!?!?"
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Glad to see that im not the only one going through this problem. However, it is still very disturbing to know something is there and to not have any answers. I've been dealing with the same ammonia body odor for over a year now. After Long showers, a change in diet, and hours at the gym, I am still lost. I've been to every doctor that you could think of and they all say the same thing" your blood test are normal, some superb" and the fact that they don't smell anything! I've taken every test there is sugar, liver, kidney, blood pressure, STDs, MRIS and the list goes on. I've been to liver and kidney specialist and they both seem to laugh at me after my results, after finding that all of my organs are in perfect shape. It is to the point where I'm afraid to go out in public sometimes. No one ever says anything but the look on there faces says enough! If any one has any answers to this disturbing issue please post your feedback. Or inbox any information you might have that may help me.
I'm sorry your  going threw this but I'm going threw the same thing I don't know what's going on for a minute I  thought someone put a spell or something on me but I  drink vinegar and water apple side vinegar  and the   smell is there it  change to smelling like something else but it's still there if I find a solution I'll post it. Kb
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I have heard that Candida can cause an ammonia smell when it is dying off. That is way less dangerous than liver disease and most doctors don't even acknowledge it as a problem. Check out a chitin synthesis inhibitor to break down the cell walls of the candida. I just purchased some and the product is called "Candida Cell Wall Suppressor". I have also had ammonia smell from my skin and realized I was eating too many sweats. Coffee (acidic) and carbohydrates (chips, etc.) can also make candida grow.
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