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amylase level at 967 and lipase at 302

I have chronic pancreatitis (not alcohol related).  My pancreatitis is due to a lot of ERCP's sphincterotomies and stents that have cause scarring in my duct and the head of my pancreas.  My amylase usually runs between 200 - 500.  Recently it has been at 967.  I feel the same, which is not great.  I have a lot of pain and take norco to alleviate it.  I haven't ate anything different or done anything out of the ordinary.  I am really tired.  I am nursing a 4 month old baby (first child, yeah!!!).  Should I be concerned about the sudden jump?  My doctor seemed a little worried.  Oh, my lipase was at 302.
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ya,,,well,i dont know how much you know about this illness,and i dont want to frighten you,but since you have a new baby i think you should be aware of it...so please relax,and let me tell you incase you DONT know.
chronic pancreatitis is a progressive disease,and theres NO cure.
it doesnt matter how much you or your doctor do,,,it will get worse.
the avariage life expectancy after true onset of chronic stage is 5 years.
as im sure you know,you cannot live without your pancreas,and there realy is no transplanting it,,i know.
if i were you id stay medecated for the pain,continue the enzye therapy for food digestion,and if your not on them (enzymes),,,GET ON THEM ASAP!!!
of course no alcohol,fatty fried foods,stuff like that,,,but PLEASE make some kind of secure arangments for your child when your time comes,,,as you do not want to wait till you are not in any shape to do so and the state steps in.
AGAIN,,,,im not trying to brake your spirits,or upset you,but i want to give you what little advice i think might help you.
good luck and gods speed!!!
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