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anal bleeding with mucus

A couple of weeks ago, i was experiencing intermittent cramps in my lower abdomen, bad enough to make me double over and curse. Two days ago i had the urge to have a bowel movement, ended up sitting on the throne for an hour before i finally could pass the movement..it was hard and very big.

I still didnt feel empty, but was without concern. The next morning i went again, but the toilet was full of blood and it looked like reddish pink dense sand in the bottom of the bowel.

I went to the Dr and had a rectal exam, negative for hemmoroids, but the Dr seen the blood and suggested it was up to high to see anything by rectal exam. I was sent for an x-ray which also came back negative.

I was prescribed Lactulose solution, I took it twice yesterday. The result: Just more blood and this stuff that looks sandy in the bottom of bowl. Today i had a very small movement, it was like small chunks, 3 or 4 of them.. the Blood is now accompanied by milky Mucus and clots and i still feel like i have to have a bowel movement.

I have lost control of my bowels about 5 times in the last two days.
When i called the Dr yesterday to say i am still bleeding and what should i do, she said keep taking the laxative.. I am somewhat suprised at her response. I am male 37 years old.. any advice would be great.
                                                           Worried in florida
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I forgot to add.. I have nausea sometimes before i go and after
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Can't quite understand your doctor's advice  Bleeding from the anus, excluding haemorrhoids, needs urgent investigation. I get regular bleeding - like a tap turned on - because of my Crohn's - it is always an ulcer or cypt abscess in the large intestine that is bleeding. It is sorted out by IV steroids and antibiotics.There are many reasons for bleeding from the rectum, but if I were you I would go the nearest ER and have them investigate

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Do not let this go..  I started with the same problem about 3 months back.  Doc kept telling me it was nothing..  They did a stool sample and everything came back negative.  Well my stomach swelled and I ended up with severe stomach pain.  I kept going to the doc and they acted like it was in my head.  I ended up at OSU medical center for 3 weeks.  They did a colonoscopy and I was so infected with c-diff they put me on flagyl and my body resisted.  I ended up very bad and got a toxic mega colon a retired Gi specialist came in in the middle of the night after 2 weeks of me being there and said my colon was on the verge of erupting that the c-diff was neg but he knew thats what I had. They switched me to vancomyacin a stronger antibiotic.  I was pulled off food and put on a Tpn bag for nutrition..  To give my colon a rest.  Now I am on my last week of antibiotics and I,m learning to eat again..  I'm still having problems but they are getting better..  So don't mess around I'm not triing to scare ya but bleeding and mucus means somethings wrong...  See about having a colonoscopy done..  I had probally gotten this in June when my doc had me on amoxicillyn. The c-diff culture finally came back pos the 1st of Oct.  Have you taken any antibiotics lately???

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I had severe nausea as well...
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