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anal leakage

When I was about 20 I had minor surgery which was termed a 'sphincterectomy' but what I recall is that I had frequent tears and eventually devoped a papilla, so that was removed and I no longer had any problems. Fast forward to my 30's and I had diarhea predominant IBS for about two years, but no problems any longer.
Now I am 46 and in the past few months have developed anal leakage. I have itching and sometimes a rash, and my underwear will have some stain, no matter how much I wipe. I had a colonoscopy about 18 months ago because it seemed I developed Clostridium Difficile Colitis, but my doctor wanted to make sure that was all it was. And I checked out fine. I don't eat any Olestra or other things that would cause this problem. I don't feel any hemoroids, but I feel that sometimes my bowels don't completely evacuate and that some fecal matter is caught in there. I am better off if I do have looser stools actually. I am not constipated, nor are my stools loose but I have at lease 2-3 bowel movements a day.  I think I might try drinking citracel once a day or so, since maybe the fecal matter will exit better? Any suggestions?

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