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any advice please...constipation/yellow stool/bloating

Over the past 3 1/2 weeks i have had something of a medical hiccup compared to my normal healthy self.
I am 18 years old and have had no prior medical conditions, am not taking any medication or have had alarming health concerns (the only surgery i have had is the removal of my tonsils but i think thats irrelevant).  However, about
3 1/2 weeks ago i became constipated for one week straight.  The stools that i was having were pencil thin (when i did manage to go to the bathroom..)
and eating was somewhat of a nightmare because my lower abdomen just expanded and i wasn't able to get
anything out.  I suspected a fecal impaction (a week and half before that week of constipation i was constipated again and didn't have a bowel movement for 3 days...so i suspect that that was a precurser).  I was having a rather uncomfortable period and strained quite frequently, result being a minor hemorrhoid, and what the nurse practioner told me was a vesicocele (varicose vein in scrotum)  However, after that terrible week my bowel movements started to pick up again.  I've noticed though that every bowel movement i have had though is yellow.  this color has been constant and every now and then i notice more undigested food than usual...about 25 percent of the time it almost seems like nothing is holding the stool together and it just falls apart, food particles, etc...(not really diarrhea though)  When i go to bed or during some portions of the day i feel like my stomach wants me to know its there.  There's this general, slightly uncomfortable, small bloat, especially when laying on my back to sleep.  However, i considered myself fortunate because at least i am able to go to the bathroom...I still feel like im always at somewhat of a small bloat in my lower abdomen and i worry a little bit that i will become constipated again.  I am still able to pass gas and although my bowel movements have returned they are not like they used to be: color, frequency (i usually have 1-2 well formed a day, now it's a little more unpredicable no incontenence though)  I've had no symptons of nausea, vomiting, back pain, skin color change, significant weight loss, fever, etc. I have been drinking alot of water and my urine does not show any sign of irregularity, no dark colors etc. My diet is anything but "junk food" and i eat rather healthy and have not made any "changes" before any of this started happening.  I had a complete blood count done today along with some liver tests (will hear back in 3 days).  The nurse practioner  said that she doubted "infection" because i lack nausea and a general malaise.  The only thing she said she could really do is order a colonoscopy.  I just want to know if there maybe something im overlooking or should think about before going the whole nine-yards and having my insides examined.  I excerise regularly and do not by any means live a sedentary lifestyle.  I just want my regular gastrointestinal system back as opposed to this feeling that my stomach is always somewhat distended, yellow stool, and uncomfort.  it happend so sudden which is what i don't understand


no problems what so ever until
oct 17,         3 days constipation before having a bowel movement then
                    1 1/2 week fine no problems then
                    1 week constipation-pencil thin stools hardly any bowel movements then, bloating/discomfort
                    1 week up to now, consistant yellow stools, slight bloating/discomfort

any advice or insight would be appreciated

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i have been havibg the exact same symptoms that came out of nowhere for no particular reason. i have been to the doctor alot and have lab work,  colonoscopy and endoscopy but everything ahs come back. my symptoms have been going on for about a year and it is very frustrating.  i would love to know what diagnosis you get from the doctor and if you find sommething to cure your symptoms.
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I have a serious infection in my teeth where the dentist I saw 3 years ago actually drilled into the surface of my enamel between my front teeth & the side tooth.  It was impossible to keep bacteria out of this inaccessible spot & as a result I began to notice a darkness growing in what appeared to the be the inside of my side tooth.  It actually broke off in my mouth about a year later.  After a year I got the stub extracted but the infection had spread to my front tooth which has been weakening in its socket & becoming more exposed as the gum line has retracted exposing large lengths of root.  The extraction dental office said I would probably loose it also.  I have suspected the dentist who did the original work to have been extremely careless or even intentionally harmful as I was on state insurance which paid so little for repair.  At any rate, since mouth bacteria spread throughtout the body, it may be responsible for my higher than normal white count & now lack of sufficient peristalsis to evacuate my bowels which have become tained with yellow.  Amazingly, my deteriorating physical health stems from the original damaging dental work & sufficient overlooking by subsequent physicians when looking for the source of infection.  One wonders why there are no dental clinics attached to ER hospital units.

Do consider your mouth bacteria when wondering why your health is failing.
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I know this is an old post, but someone may find themselves here at any time.  I have similar problems with bouts of hardcore constipation, major belly bloat, and yellow stools. Please try drinking adequate amounts of water (your weight in ounces). There is a tipping point for everything, and chronic dehydration is no exception.  Plain ol' dehydration can eventually cause a host of problems that have a domino effect. Your lower organs get the worst of it because your brain has priority and will take all the water it needs first. Be conscious of the amount of water-sapping things you drink that have caffeine or guarana and adjust your water intake accordingly. Also, you can try some quality probiotics for gut health (start out slow and stick with it for at least 6 weeks).
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your weight in ounces? Thats a bit much. If someone weighs 200lbs, they should drink 200oz of water a day? Thats could make you sick. I would suggest around 60-100oz depending on weight.
A good digestive enzyme may help along with a good probiotic
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cnoevl21 is right, too much water is harmful. it was the bottled water people who started this "drown yourself" nonsense ... they make $$$ of course. your body will let you know, you'll get "thirsty".
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Candida, SIBO, and/or food allergies?
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