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appendix removed,still in pain,nerve pain? with ovarian cyst and uti!

After long 9 month battle with chronic pelvic ,rectal,and abdominal pain getting few answers but no relief!2 1/2 weeks ago admitted to hospital for appendicitis,dr said it was chronic,had appendix out,2 1/2 day hospital stay.2 returns to er for pain,next trip showed enlarging 5cm ovarian cyst on right ovary on ultrasound,and urine test showed uti.Where I was cut is very swollen and painful,is this normal? dr dont see any signs of infection.I hurt  bad all across lower belly and on left side too,is that referred pain?I didnt have laparscopy procedure,they did it old fashion way ,because it was ready to rupture, and found a fecal stone impacted behind appendix. I'm tired of going to dr's !still having bowel issues and abdominal pain,could ovarian cyst be the culprit? slight fever, nausea, no appetite still,and bad cramps,feel constipated when I'm not and constant breast soreness.dr ruled out colitis.Also found out I have minor uterus and rectal prolapse (im only 28!)anyone else have these symptoms or issue? any advice appreciated and how to relieve ovarian pain.Thanks!
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148354 tn?1211237506
also forgot to add lower abdominal area is firm swelling,very bloated,and still have constant need and pressure in rectum for bowel movement (unable to pass gas ) could ovarian cyst cause this?
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of all everything hitting me at once...lmao,just went to go bathroom and noticed in urine handful of small white pebbles.( i have history of kidney stones in past,4 of em)these are small,like salt.,friend told me its from bladder infection,anyone heard of this? I've had worse bigger stones caused more pain ,this is dull crampy abdominal pain and burning when I go to urinate.I'm not sure if its considered urgent enough for hospital call, since dr office is closed,i have pain pills left over from surgery and using strainer.any ideas appreciated!
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Sounds like you passed some kidney stones.  They have to go through the bladder on their way to the outside, and that was probably why you experienced so much pain.  Hopefully, you're feeling better by now.

Remember also that you had an open abdominal surgery.  Those are killers to recover from!  Seems like any time the gut is violated, the whole digestive system takes a while to start working correctly.  You may also be throwing too much food at yourself than your system is ready to handle.  Try to stick to a very bland diet for a couple days and see if that doesn't do better.

As to the sore incision, that can go on for quite some time.  As long as you aren't running a fever over 101, you shouldn't have any kind of worrisome infection.  Did you follow the doc's instructions for bathing and wound care after surgery?  A good way to protect surgical wounds while showering is to use the Nexcare brand waterproof bandages.  They are made with tegaderm, which still allows oxygen to pass through, while protecting the wound from water-borne bacteria.

You've had a major surgery with the open procedure, so expect your body to take quite a long while to get back to normal.  Kick back and relax as much as possible, keep up the fluids for the kidney stones, and try not to worry.  Hope this helped a bit.  :-)
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Ty jay for your reply,it helped alot (: I'am starting to feel better still sore,pain if i do to much walking ,trying to get more active but not pushing myself.Went to dr today all is good! ty (:
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That's great news!  I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.  Sometimes you just have to give your body time to heal.  Even though it may not look that bad on the outside, there's a whole lot of healing happening on the inside.  That takes a whole lot of energy out you.  

I'll never forget how tired I was after an open hysterectomy.  For 8 weeks I almost felt like I had narcolepsy.  LOL!
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