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ate some buns and got fecal impaction

i ate 2 buns last week and after that i was impacted well i finally got i thought the impaction out. but since than having loud rumpling in colon and maybe small intestines its not just in the lower abdomen also at times in the upper abdomen. also pain in the lower back, pains in both sides in the lower region. for the past week since that happen pin like stools and diarherra. ive been taking 200 mcg stool softeners and also took a dose of milk of magnesium and has severe gas passing and belching even if i take a sip of water. medical history: had gastric sleeve 2 years ago which they removed my stomach, have had diverticular disease over 10 years the doc said 70 to 80 percent of colon covered with it. also have celiac disease,ibs. been on antibiotics since i had my upper teeth removed a week ago. email: ***@****
thank you...
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Don't buns have gluten?  If you have celiac disease you should never have any gluten and even a small amount can have bad effects.
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Go back to your GI doc and make sure there is not a partial blockage due to scar tissue.  This can happen with the surgery you had.  Also make sure this isn't a side effect of your antibiotic, call your pharmacy to find out.
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