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bad muscle spasms with Gerd and Hiatal hernia

I was diagnosed with Gerd and a Hiatal hernia 10 years ago, these past two weeks have been horrible. It started out with a touch of food poisoning I was vomiting and had diarrhea, that went away and then it feels like my gerd symptoms flared up a few days later.

My symptoms are. Chest pains those don't hurt as much, Stomach, leg, and back spasms, no appetite for food or drinks. I can eat 3 spoonfuls of soup and then I'm full.

I feel like I ate a whole pizza, no matter what I eat or drink I can only eat a few bites, I'm bloated all the time and Ive lost 15-20 Ibs in two weeks. I went to the ER and the Dr prescribe Bentyl 20MG.

I was worried about taking that because it says not to use if you have gerd. He has me taking it for 5 days twice a day. I was taking Zantac not sure if it helped or not and now Im scared to take that because it may have caused the spasms.

He also gave me Carafate and nexium have taken either yet.

I have taken the Bentyl an hour ago and I notice my stomach spasms getting worse or more frequent. I took myself off Zantac because first he said this maybe the reason for the spasms and to stop taking it and get Nexium, but on the release papers it says to take zantac along with nexium carafate and Bentyl.

I need to see a GI but I have no insurance, and I pretty sure I need a scope which cost thousands I believe. Im just lost and hungry lol I cant hold down no food or the nausea will come and my ribs hurt.

Any suggestions oh yea and Im bloated and I think Bentyl is making it worse
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