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bad reflex

I noticed that I’ve become short of breath going up and down the stairs. This isn't like me, so months later I decide to go to the emergency room. To make a long story short the doctor say I have an ulcer. I take the peptic ac she prescribes me, but still have the same problems, but months later it get whose. My stomach feel bloated and feels  like my throat is clogged, it makes it hard for me to breath. I go to the E.R and they say I have strep throat. I finally decide to go to the Gastroenterology ...they do the thing where you put the camera in your stomach and an ultra sound...result come back and they say I have an infection, the prescribe me antibiotics. I finish the pascription and everything fine for a few month then the same symptoms come along, but now it feels like something watery and a knot on the side where my stomach is and on the side across from that. I go to the doctor again, this time he says I have an infection that can be cured, but if not cured can be cancerous. The doctor  prescribes me antibiotic. I take them...everything’s fine...until a few months later...it keeps coming back...what is this? should i look for another doctor?
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Yes, find another doctor ASAP!  Infections do not turn into cancer, he's grasping at straws because he doesn't know what is wrong, kick this quack to the curb and find another.
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