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better digestive health, please

I posted previously that I had some concerns with constipation and diarrhea thats been causing issues. I was wondering if I should have another colonoscopy, since I had a polyp removed a few yrs back. I did see a general doctor yesterday, who suggested that I work on my digestive health before considering having any further tests ran. So I'm trying to do that, I could use some support, I'm terrible at choosing the right types of food to eat. I also need to work on my weight as well, I have a hard time with consistently exercising, the doctor suggested walking was best for digestive health. If anyone could give me some useful input, I would really appreciate it. I just really want to feel well and decrease my chances of digestive disorder or cancer. Thankyou
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wow I know the feeling it's like trial and error..

well from my experience of being a lab rat on meds and diet i'll chime in..

it depends on what you're trying to do you said you're trying to lose weight..and you have constipation..

so based on those two there are some things you can do.  Sometimes people with constipation have a slight 'intolerance' to foods..like soy/lactose/wheat..so sometimes those are causes of chronic constipation.  Another symptoms can be a thyroid not working right and that will cause lack of energy..difficulty sleeping and constipation so those two are worth asking about when you do see your doctor..

IN the meantime.. since you said IBS-C was your problem, I would avoid all dairy/lactose completely which they cause IBS-C.  Also i'd go to the health store or wild oats and buy some magesium and potassium pills or eat a bannana a day  and start some fiber supplement asap like..oo non-allergenic citrucel and start at one scoop and work your way up to two scoops a day and just keep going up more until you're going daily and hold it there.. or follow the directions.  If they 'bulk' but not soften you could try mixing miralax with the citrucel directly.  Both are totally safe long term.  The goal is to bulk and soften the stool so it takes pressure off the colon and reduced your risk of problems..

Exercise works.. like true working out..if you're sweating you're burning calories.  Water is almost important as fiber..they say you should drink like 6-8 glasses a day which is hard for me to do but... again you can do miralax which ***** water from the colon so you won't have to drink like a fish.

If you're reaally serious about losing weight you could take wheat/gluten out of your diet and replace it with fruits and veggies.. basically if it's grains/wheats/barley/oats take it out..some celebs go on a bread free diet and they really shed the pounds.  I don't need to lose weight i'm trying to put it on.. but i'm intolerant to soy/wheat but I noticed my weight went down a good 10lbs in just days.. so yeah it's harsh but possible.  Salads..strawberries..bannanas..applesauce..just avoid breads and you'll lose some pretty quick..

Be prepared if you eat beans/lettuce you'll get gas.. another good fiber is benefiber which is tastless and dissolves in anything...citrus seems to tick my system off so anything acidic is usually a nono..

so there's some ideas.  Make sure you're sleeping well if not i'd ask the doctor about that..stress and anxiety do cause IBS-C symptoms..

ok that's my - i'm not a doctor but that's what I think would help you answer :) cheerio!

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Thanks for info, I really appreciate it. I had been considering getting my thyroid check since my mom also has thyroid problems as well.
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oh yeah totally with a history of it and being female i'd check it...faaaaaaaaaaaaact..if you don't have health insurance and want to go cheap..i don't work with the site but ************** ******* and order the thyroid panel II.. I think that's what you want..they post the results online for you with the ok ranges.  It's pretty slick..cours i'm poor without insurance but that for sure would be something to rule out.  Especially if you're tired all the time.

but probably best to just ask the doctor to order it esp. if you have insurance.

anyway you're welcome hope we both get feeling better :)
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************** d o t c o m... :) hopefully i won't get booted for that..
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I am feeling pain in belly eating diordered.gastriculcer,worm on stomach
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Please only post your question on the post that you started and give us more information there.
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