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bowel movement triggers extreme vomiting

Every morning when I wake up I have moderate bowel pain which radiates into my testicles which occurs just before my morning bowel movement. As soon as I begin the movement a severe pain takes hold in the top of my abdomine just beneath my zyphoid process. It feels as if I am being stabbed and then the vomiting begins as quickly as the pain began. But the only thing that will stop the attack is scalding hot water and even that only gives me about 20 minutes before it comes over me again. I have four to eight B.M.'s daily and they are very loose. I have been tested for everything from h. pylori to crohn's to drug addiction and psychological causes. No answers at all!!!!

Has anyone ever heard of a bowel movement triggering vomiting and extreme abdominal pain which is only arrested by severly hot water.

It has been six years and $220,000 and I have no hope or end in site. Please give me your thoughts.

list of tests which yeilded no answers at all:

EGD (too many)
Colonoscopy (too many)   no crohn's!!
Small Bowell Folow Through
Nuclear Med Scan
CAT Scans (too many)
Every Blood Test Known to Man
Liver Function Tests
Fecal Studies
H. Pylori

Meds We Have Tried:

Anti Depressants
Crohn's meds
Every nausea med known to man
Pain meds

Really Strange Symptoms with no apparent cause or commonality

Crucifying pain in thumb quadrant of hand when having a bowel movement.
Square feces - perfectly creased square as if it went through a playdo square.
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