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burning colon pain after antibiotics

Ok well a little over a yr ago I was put on antibiotics for a swollen tonsil/sore throat for a little more then a month. I  was also unaware that taking probioctics is a good thing to do while on antibiotics so i never did. Well after i was off the antibiotics i started to notice that my colon/intestine area(s) had a burning pain in it that comes and goes gets better gets worse.

Most ppl tell me its ibs but i was fine until all the antibiotics.
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i am 23 years old
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My chiropractor suggested it may be some food allergy, i was looking through a few more of my symptoms  which are dark circles under eyes(maybe from lack of enough sleep but idk), itchy skin (my nose itches a lot), puffy eyes(every morning when i wake up my eyes are puffy), swollen glands(those one under my jaw always seem to be a little swollen), and ibs  can all be from food allergy.  hmmm maybe i need an allergy test.....
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On the pain when passing waste, this is probably from constipation.  Constipation makes a person strain when they go, and this will swell up the tissues there, and cause hemorrhoids.  When a person takes antibiotics, it kills both the bad and "good" bacteria, thus the recommendation to consume probiotics by eating Activia yogurt or Acidophilus milk upon completion of the final round of antibiotics.  Otherwise, the good bacteria that helps break down waste is gone, so you'll get constipation.  Normally, the good bacteria builds itself back up, but some people not so much.  So, could be you've got that problem, and the way to get over it is to consume probiotics for a couple weeks, eat fiber foods, drink plenty of water, and exercise regularly.

On the puffy eyes and dark circles under them and the itchy skin, yes, this could indeed be allergy of some kind.  But what's interesting is you get these swollen lymph glands in your neck.  That usually indicates an infection is going on in the head somewhere.  This includes a tooth that's going bad, the same tonsil thing you had before, and infected sinuses, among other things.  Some infections can develop from an original allergy, and maybe your nasal cavities are getting infected from all the mucous that develops from the allergy, and thus not only the dark swollen eyes and itching, but you've also got those neck lymph nodes swelling up from the infection.

So, for that stuff, yes, if you'll visit an allergist, he can test you for what is causing it, and give you medicine or shots specifically for that allergen to knock it back, or there are pills people can take who have allergies.  If you noticed all this practically overnight, like say two years ago in the summer, for example, try to remember if that's when you moved to a new house, or adopted a new pet, or began working in a new place, just anything out of the ordinary going on in your environment, and you might can figure out what it is that's bothering you.  

Me, I had adopted some house rabbits, and within a couple months, I thought I was going to die, got all wheezy and everything, and did not put it together with my rabbits until my doc said I had an allergy to rabbit fur/dander.  I've always had dogs and cats and never had a problem, so I didn't think of it.  Then there's also a chance that your house is really dusty, or you don't wash your sheets a lot, just ordinary desheveled living, you know, so if you'll clean up and air everything out in your room, could be you'll feel better.  Then lots of people develop an allergy to specific plants in their region, or to a food they start eating a lot of, stuff like that.  So, yes, visit the allergist.
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