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burning pain under right rib?


Recently I just ate oven baked chips (added with salt and vinegar) and some lemon falvoured savory rice to go with it. A few minutes after I started to feel like a small pain which was recognizble under my right rib (a sort of burning pain), it came and went. I keep burping aswell, in some what way the burp is very hot, and can be felt on throat when burping. I've added a picture the picture shows a human body, i've highlighted with a black circle where the pain is. The pain has gone fro now, but sometimes it goes and comes back, I sometimes get it after drinking water or after I meal, it's been happening for a week now. I suffer from anxiety attacks, i'm 20, i'm just a little bit under the weight for my age. Could this be a stomach ulcer, or stomach cancer?
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