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burning sensation on tongue for the last 2 years, AM and PM

Hi, im a 57 yr old female at 5'8.5", 125 lbs. i eat very well, watch my sugar intake, and exercise 5-6 x a week. I take 20mg of fluoxetine every morning as well as 88 ml of synthroid (started thyroid meds about a year ago,) and on hormone therapy (patch progesterone/dim) for 3 years (post-menopausal.)
My guilty pleasure has always been a glass or two of w/r wine a day (while cooking and during dinner.) Overall ive alway felt pretty good but for the last 2 years i've been feeling a burning sensation on my tongue. Started out once and a while to everyday now. I've been to a gut specialist and he said i probably have gerd and a do show a slight hiatal hernia, other than that I'm pretty healthy,. Been on Nexium for 2 weeks, doesn't  seem to be helping - Ugh! What else could be causing my tongue (not mouth) to feel like its burning?  Thanks!
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