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There were a lot of discussions from people with persistent burping in 2005. I have similar symptoms. I wonder any useful treatment/remedy was reported? Please help.  

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You may want to consider checking out whether or not you have H. pylori. Many people who have the bacteria have problems with burping.
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i am 33, female and i have suffered from all manner of intestinal and digestive problems since middle school.  my biggest problems right now are gas, bloating, motility and BURPING.  i have not found any answers or test results that have helped me and no medications that will help.  drs have shrugged it off as normal for ibs but no advice.  
as far as the burping is concerned i can usually find relief from a small glass (2 to 3oz) of warm water w/ a teaspoon of baking soda stirred in. drink it quickly before the baking soda settles but don't gulp.  sit in a lotus position and take deep breaths forcing my diaphragm out w/ my hand gently pushing upward on it.  as i release the breath i hunch gently forward and and then repeat this slowly and focusing on where the "burp" is in my tummy.  i can feel it rising and often have to force myself to let it out. like a heave, really. sometimes it comes quickly w/ a few repetitions on the breathing exercise  sometimes it takes awhile, taking a break, trying again.  after i get the air monster out i can pat my upper intestines gently to get more air out.  this is no cure but it helps me cope.  i have to do this at least once a day.  i caution you to not try to force it too much or hurry the process as i have made myself throw up before.  i do not know the science behind this...the baking soda drink came from my gramma...i have perfected the process of relaxing and breathing and pushing and making it work for me over the years.  when i was a child often i could NOT burp after taking the drink until i cried.  odd, eh?  
i am looking for a solution to this strange constant burping and all i am finding is more people looking for the same thing!!  yikes!  
through all these years of suffering all my digestive and intestinal problems i have maintained a focus on the positive...looking forward to feeling better in any way and enjoying everything that i can...
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Has anyone considered hypochlorhydria/achlorhydria as a potential cause of this? I was on Zantac for duodenitis for 2 years and noticed that, if I stopped taking the Zantac, I would get some burning in my esophagus so I kept taking it.  However, after the 2 years I started burping uncontrollably.  Like not big ones, just little ones that would build up.  If i was laying down I would have to sit up to let it all out.  This started after a long weekend of heavy drinking.  I thought antacid would help but the more Zantac I took, the worse it got.

  I stopped the Zantac and the burning came back but I stuck it out and it went away after 2 days and stopped the alcohol and the burping went away.

I believe the cause of the burping is due to lack of stomach acid (achlorhydria) which results in food not being broken down properly and just sitting in your stomach making gas.  You can take betaine hydrochloride pills and see how that works.

Also, the symptoms for NOT having enough acid are the same as having too much, as weird as it seems.  I recall one article that talked about how the flap from your stomach to your esophagus would not close without the proper acid pH.
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Wow, I had no idea this was a problem for anyone other than me. I've been having burping problems for the past few months, and getting nauseous during burping "sessions." I don't have heartburn to go with it. I thought it might be due to a switch in medications, but when I switched to yet another medication, the symptoms persisted. I've been too embarrassed to go to my doctor about this - I really don't know what to say about it - but seeing all these comments has made me want to find out the cause (although there seems to be no relief).

A lot of you have desk jobs - I have to say I am the minority, as I'm a photographer who works outdoors all day.
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my wife is in the hospital now,she burps alot and stomache pain was bad enough for her to go to hospital.Doctors have done endoscopy today,and she has gastritis.She had Crohn's disease about 2yrs ago.Saddly,this disease is becomming more and more popular,and is miss-diaginosed.
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i have had burping issue forever.I would get these like attacks and the only thing that would help is self induced burping it feels kinda like pressure and or panic attack feeling
i changed my diet and that helped alot!!!No soda,chocolate,tamato anything,greasy food (the worste),red meat and similar things try it..
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oh and try prilosec it has helped me even though i do not get heart burn
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My mother has always had a burping problem but it seems to be getting worse as she ages. She definitely has some GI issues but she believes that Zocort causes indigestion which causes her to have episodes of uncontrollable burping. In addition to the burping she often experiences chest pains and a fluttering heartbeat. Has anyone else had similar experiences with Zocort?
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i posted about this burping gassy bloatedness in march and i wanted to share something that i have experienced (by accident) recently.  i have been in phys therapy for my back problems since the 4th of may.. since that time i have slowly but surely been doing more physical activity.  i've struggled so much w/ my ibs and my back for the last couple of years that i found myself doing less and less physically.  i've always known in the back of my mind that it's all interrelated...now i know for certain.  i have noticed in the last 2(ish) weeks that my burping and gas has let up.  my bloating and abdominal discomfort has decreased markedly and my constipation is getting manageable.  this is quite a wake up call for me and i am so motivated to continue working out.  i hate working out!!!  BUT.  as i walk more and do more crunches...all of it getting better.  not healed completely but on my way!  give it some thought--try it out.
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I have read the comments and I suffer the same issues.  I have upper right abdominal pain, burping, dizziness.  It also affects my breathing.  Stress makes it worse.  I have ulcerative colitis for which I take sulfasalazine.  From past experience, I can say that when stress gets the best of me, I get my colitis back.  As I age, it is getting harder to recover.  This all causes stress and make sit more difficult to get healthy.  I sit at a desk all day which probably des not help.  But I do get regular exercise.  I am trying different things with my diet.  I avoid dairy, alcohol and red meat.  But I can not get a consistent state of well being.  It is frustrating to me and my spouse.  The doctors can find nothing seriously wrong.  If I find a majic cure, I will post.  Otherwise, all I can say is look at what makes you stressed out and try and change how you look at it.  My commute was really getting to me along with global warming and the price of gas.   I will do my part but I will not get stressed out about everyone else doing their part.
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I have dealt with the burping issue for over 10 years, been to Dr. had tests, tried meds, etc. no relief.  I kept researching until I came upon information about lactose intolerance.
Now, I had considered it before, but because symptoms didn't always follow immediately after consuming dairy, had dismissed it. The thing that jumped out at me though, was how the dairy sits in your stomach and can't be broken down because of a lack of the digestive enzyme needed to digest the dairy, so bacteria that are in your stomach begin to work on it, and give off gases as a result.  That  explained for me why sometimes I would simply get up in the morning and drink a cup of water, and then begin to burp and feel bloated.  After giving it a week with no dairy, and having no symptoms, (for the first time in YEARS), I was convinced.  I'm still learning what I can and can't tolerate, and sometimes a little now and then (with some supplements that can be bought over the counter,) doesn't bother me much, but I have learned that if I have dairy too often it really builds up to a bad "episode".  I am also looking into other "intolerances" as I occasionally still get problems, though I don't think I have consumed dairy.( But. I've also learned, it can hide in things you don't think about, so I have to watch my ingredient labels).  I am so happy to have at least gotten the relief I have gotten, I want to pass it on to anyone else it might help, so best wishes and don't give up!
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Wow, I'm glad I'm not going crazy. I started burping about three months ago. At first it wasn't that bad but lately it's been worse. I can literally feel the gas sitting on my stomach. From the time I get up in the morning till I go to bed, I am burping but usually around sun down it would go crazy. I burp so much, it hurts to drink anything for my cotton mouth. Others times it scares me because a burp would come up but stop right at the top of my throat making it hard to breathe or even swallow it back down. I really don't want to go to the hospital especially since my mother just had her gall bladder removed.

Is there anything OTC that I can test and see if it will work for me?
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