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can't get rid of pinworms

I can't get rid of pinworms. Have had them for 8 years now.  I have taken many prescriptions and over the counter meds and home remedies.  Now my rectum hurts.  Need advice on getting rid of these horrible things.  I'm fed up!!
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My entire family did two (three day/twice daily) courses of Mebednazole space 12 days apart. My this time we had been practicing immaculate hygiene and had the house professionally cleaned twice and all the carpets and sofas steam cleaned professionally. After that we did papaya seed smoothies (fresh papayas ONLY) for one week and followed up with 6 weeks of Crushed Clove Bud Herb at every meal and also garlic gel-tabs.  During this time we carefully removed our sleeping garments (tight fitting underpants ALONG WITH cuffed sweatpants) every morning and scrubbed our bums with soap, water, and each a clean, scrubby cloth.  Since then, I think it was last April, we have had NO FURTHER infestation.

I just wonder if those who think they are the only ones affected in their households are insisting EVERYONE follow the same rigorous hygiene and herb/drug therapies they are. Just because you can't feel them, doesn't mean they aren't there. Many adults don't feel them at all.  If ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE HOUSE are not following the same guidelines, they are likely spreading eggs everywhere and YOU, dear sufferer, are simply reinfecting yourself. Everyone is likely infected, not just you.  If even a single egg makes it back into your intestinal tract, you will become afflicted again.  Sorry for that bad news, but it is very true.  Be vigilant, you CAN get rid of them.
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I had them for four years. Rounds and rounds of Mebenzodol(sp )just slowed them down temporarily.OTC does NOT work! I cleaned my house meticulously. What worked was coating myself " down there" religiously every night with Desitin, then washing down there in the showers with lots of warm soapy water in the morning and at night.Washing  all underclothes and bed linens daily with hot water.Keeping bathroom scrubbed. I think the Desitin was what did trick the most. And bathing in the morning meticulously. After about three or four months, the four year nightmare was over.
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Also, a low sugar and low carb diet
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You have parasites! Almost 95% of people have some sort of parasite. These parasites breed, and make hundreds to thousands of eggs per day! Sugars, natural or artificial, seem to feed the parasites, creating candida. If you have allergies or suffer from post-nasal drip  (like I do), and have the sensation of mucus or "something stuck in the back of your throat", these are parasites "coming down to feed" on the sugars, dairy, and other mucus-forming foods you consume.

Let me list the ailments I’ve noticed, just in my own health struggles, over the last 20+ years: dry, itchy scalp (NOT dandruff, but I NOW know they’re demodex mites), thinning hair (or bald spots), allergies, sinus issues (PND), “cluster” and migraine headaches, eye floaters, visual disturbances, acne, occasional lesions, occasional ringworm & small white spots that appear randomly over the body (caused by what I NOW know is a skin fungus), easy bruising, anemia, constant weight gain (even when not eating much), itchy skin (especially on the lower legs), abdominal pain/gas/boating/IBS symptoms, vaginal/rectal itching (especially at night), depression/mood swings/memory lapses, body odor/bad breath, and nail fungus.

Most of the time, these parasites are "stealing" the nutrients from your foods, to feed and protect themselves in your body, leading to issues like abdominal discomfort, IBS/Crohn's, Diabetes, Anemia, easy bruising, Cancer, and other ailments.

Unless you go to a holistic or naturopathic doctor, your stool samples, and other blood tests will MAGICALLY turn up "negative". WHY YOU ASK??? Because the medical profession NEEDS you to keep coming in for unnecessary tests and medications, TO KEEP YOU SICK! It's more profitable for the FDA and Big Pharma, to keep one believing that something is wrong with them (whether gastro issues, psych issues, or other more serious illnesses and diseases), than to CURE YOU of your issues!!

I have parasites. LOTS OF THEM! I have been to several doctors that just write off anything you say, but are quick to order medications and other unnecessary (expensive) tests that DON'T WORK! I'm also a nurse (for over 35 years), and don't take one's word as gospel, until AFTER I do my own research.

In my research, I found an interesting link between parasites, an overabundance of candida, and various health issues. I’m an avid gardener, love sushi, grew up eating pork products, have always had pets (that I kissed often, and allowed on my bed regularly), had pinworms as a child (that I THOUGHT had been treated), and as an Emergency Room nurse, tended not to eat the best diet (I’ll admit). Yep, I fit the bill for parasite infestation.
I decided (after the last physician treated me like I was ignorant) to order natural supplements (from Amazon) to rid myself of any parasites. BTW, don’t bother buying anything for a candida cleanse (like I did) because until you rid the body of parasites, the candida won’t be eliminated. This candida buildup creates the “perfect storm” for various diseases and illnesses, including cancers, diabetes, lupus, multiple sclerosis, IBS, Crohn’s disease, yeast infections, etc.

I ordered Dr. Clark's Super W Blend (which contains Wormwood, a POWERFUL anti-parasitic); Organic Cloves; and GREEN Black Walnut Hulls TINCTURE (Black Walnut Hulls capsules are fine, but the liquid GREEN Black walnut TINCTURE is far more effective. TRUST ME ON THIS).

I kid you not; by the second day, I passed worms. Clear, (sometimes white) stringy worms (pinworms) and tons of egg larvae, were in my stools. And, my stools were NORMAL stools; I wasn’t having diarrhea or constipation. Just an incredible urge to go to the bathroom! Sometimes, I went to the bathroom more than 4 times a day! The Super W Blend and Green Black walnut tincture kills the adult worms, and the Cloves kill any egg larvae.

I couldn't believe my eyes! But I was even more focused to get these things out of my body! I even brought in a stool sample that anyone, even those with slight intelligence, could glance at quickly, and KNOW something was wrong. But guess what?? The tests for Ova & Parasites, came back negative. WTF??

So I stopped going to doctors, because I now KNOW what the real deal is. If you want to rid yourself of these issues, you must be PROACTIVE in YOUR OWN HEALTHCARE!!

I will say that once you start this protocol, YOU MUST CONTINUE AT ALL COSTS! If you stop, the parasites regroup, and you experience even MORE issues!  I must tell you, however, that you’ll feel worse before you feel better. I went through the sensation of “things crawling all over my body”. These are the parasites knowing they’re under attack, dying, and releasing their toxins, which poison the blood and leads to intense night sweats, increased body odor/bad breath, and insomnia (especially between the hours of 2-3am). You may have also noticed these worms become MORE ACTIVE around the time of the full moon. For the sinus/PND issues, I also added Oil of Oregano capsules; take 1 capsule 3x/day. For immediate relief of that sensation of “something stuck in the back of my throat”, I break one of the capsules in my mouth, and allow the oil to slowly go down my throat. The oil burns, but it kills worms “coming down to feast”. NEVER swallow the mucus! Cough it up and spit it out! Swallowing the mucus (which contain worms & their larvae) goes to your intestines, to begin their lifecycle all over again!

Stay away from any sugars (even natural sugar), dairy, grains, white flour, white rice, white bread (they convert to sugar in the body, thus feeding the parasites), and any mucus-causing foods, as much as you possibly can. Buy Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, and put 1 TBSP in water (or another drink) and have that once or twice per day. Be SURE to drink PLENTY of fluids afterwards, as DE tends to constipate you. The DE are tiny, microscopic fresh water diatoms, that under a microscope looks like Chex mix; their edges are sharp, and shred the parasite’s body, rendering them helpless (or killing them), so they can be easily flushed from the body with the other products mentioned earlier. The DE also has other benefits: can be used in a home-made toothpaste (to re-mineralize teeth); for pest control (in and outside of the home, so lose your pest control company fees ☺); can be mixed into pet’s food to kill parasites in their bodies, as well as rubbed into their coats to kill fleas and other parasites, amongst other benefits!

****FOR THE ITCHING: Tea Tree Oil body washes! I run a bath (with the water as hot as I can stand), put a few squirts of this into my water (along with Epsom salt, I find parasites cannot stand this!) and sit/soak for at least 20 minutes. NO MORE ITCHING (for that day at least). Change all bed linens and wash your clothes daily. Vacuum resting spaces DAILY. DO NOT KISS, or allow pets onto your bed. Be sure to treat EVERYONE in your household, as its more than likely, they’re infected too.

This is working for me. I hope and pray that this helps others.
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Wow I have been trying a few of the things you suggested here but I will have to try your remedy for the feeling of mucus in my throat that just won't swallow down..thank you so much for sharing all of this, I have been researching pinworms for the past two weeks (since I tested + for pinworms) & im ready to fight for my health back!  The past 3 years I've battled with anxiety, depression, dizziness, fatigue, etc to the point where I quit my career as a teacher.  The past 5 years, I've battled toenail fungus, candida on my skin, constipation, flaky scalp as you described, eye floaters, etc, and I just never made the connections...thank you again and I pray you are still well!
Ty for the share very helpful- what can young kids take as a natural mild remedy for possible parisites? And how much de for pets? Tyia
Hi nurse2helpu ty for all this bery heloful info- wondering safe mild remedy for possible microparasites in 5yr old and safe DE for pets?
I have had digestive issues an just - recently started feeling itching wiggling feelings- so doing a cleanse started with garlic, now green smoothies, teas, carrot juice and salad, eos in teas or wster clove oregano tea tree and also coconut oil with eos for itchy areas..
Feel a slow down of feeling but still there - will buy green tincture tomorrow.  Anything else pls share will try epson
I agree that the Oregano oil is a good bet not only for nasal worms, but also for intestinal worms. It is probably more effective than Tea Tree oil, and much safer to consume. I also apply Oregano oil to my ears. The buggers seem to get into the ear canal as well. The Oregano oil is very effective at keeping them out of the ear canal.
Virgin Coconut oil, is also a good one to apply directly to the nasal passages, and to the ears. This oil, unlike so many others, does not burn or irritate the skin. I use a Q-tip for the application.
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this might help...
yesterday I took 4 Apple Cider Vinegar pills,'
1 cup of shredded unsweetened COCONUT --munched on
all day... also 20 pumpkin seeds with the shells.
4 cups of green tea and 2 cups of chai tea -- and crushed in 1 tsp of cloves.
On a empty stomach -- soo I started early in the morning
Took me all day.
around 7 pm I ate some dinner.
I did have 1 glass of red wine. ( not sure if this helped ?)

I am sooo sick of cleaning ...so  I JUST threw all my clean comforters in the
dryer for 1 hr ( heat ) and changed my sheets.
Spent ½ hr ironing the clothes I wore.
I turned up my furnace in the house.. which I heard kills all the
eggs in the house.

Everything stopped ! by 8 pm.
Not a sign of any movement/crawling anywhere on my body.
( -- I did have a instant 1 time (diarrhea) trip to the bathroom around
9 pm ) try to be close to a washroom.

I am on the same routine today,,, and will continue for the
next 4 weeks...
Hope this helps.
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Hello everyone! Wow. This is absolutely insane what we are all dealing, struggling, and ultimately SUFFERING with. So many past memories run through my head of when I didn't have them and I am so grateful for them even if they didn't seem so great at the time. Five years. Five years I have been dealing with pinworms. I caught them from someone I was living with. Symptoms starting with intense vaginal itching in the creases and it was brutal. The first doctor I went to mentioned pinworms and to take a clear piece of scotch tape and apply it on the anus at night and I would see them. Did that, saw nothing so I didn't think I had them. As time went on symptoms got much worse. Doctor to Doctor. False negative stool and specific testings for pinworms which is called the paddle test. Finally, two months ago I got my diagnose that I have pinworms. The symptoms were so bad that I basically stopped eating and one day after work, I had the intense anal itching, scraping feeling and I caught them on video!! All it took was that as proof along with a picture. How crazy is all this? Treatment plan currently is Albenza, herbal tinctures, suppositories (although I discontinued because I heard that the can lay eggs inside you if you apply anything down there??), black walnut, wormwood, grinded up cloves to make into a tea and drink to kill any that are in my small intestines, walnuts to consume, garlic (about 10-12 per day), probiotics with enzymes, carrots, beans, kale, spinach, quinoa, and I recently stumbled upon MSM which is a dietary sulfur that creates a barrier in your intestinal lining and the parasites where they are unable to cling on to you to survive (we will see) I know there was a study done in mice who had pinworms and they were given this and in 17 days they determined that they no longer had the works of eggs. Doesn't that sound pleasant? Oh man. Talk about excruciating and time consuming and feeling helpless. It's nice to know you are not alone as last night, after 2 days of not feeling them, I felt 3 and then just about gave up and was going to go to bed (thankfully I didn't because if I did a nasty, good size spider ran across my sheet on the ground and if I had my lights off and was sleeping, not only am I dealing with these monsters inside me but hey, now I have spider babies in my ears! Yay! Haha, anything can happen, right? ;) But no, I am so glad to have found this forum and I really hope I can reach out to some of you, and have a response. I wish there was a cute, and an answer for all of us who are going through this. I am so sorry this exists and I can honestly say this is NO way to live. Let's put our heads together and help each other with anything that works for one might work for another! Thank you for reading and God bless.
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I am trying your method, but I had to get animal albenza, called valbazen. Tomorrow will be my 10th day, I feel an improvement but if I am thinking of taking it for 14 days, lay off 2 weeks and then again just to make sure...I have a question? does anybody feel a pinching in your feet, toes, hands fingers, like something is in there moving or pinching?.. If this works I will let you guys know..
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Wormazol helped me only the baby eggs aren't killed so u have to take another doze about 10 after first when they hatch..but since they come back I think (if your health permits) just take it continual...for...a good 3 to 5 weeks. Some may be more Hardy then others against the drug. Another type deworm medicine suggest the long ordeal...it seems to have done it..but if not .do it longer. They will get fed up in time and die, I say.
Wormazol helped me only the baby eggs aren't killed so u have to take another doze about 10 after first when they hatch..but since they come back I think (if your health permits) just take it continual...for...a good 3 to 5 weeks. Some may be more Hardy then others against the drug. Another type deworm medicine suggest the long ordeal...it seems to have done it..but if not .do it longer. They will get fed up in time and die, I say.
Wormazol helped me only the baby eggs arent killed so u have to take another doze about 10 days after first when they hatch..but since they come back I think (if your health permits) just take it continual...for...a good 3 to 5 weeks. Some may be more Hardy then others against the drug. Another type deworm medicine suggest the long ordeal...it seems to have done it..but if not .do it longer. They will get fed up in time and die, I say.
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I sure hope you found out soon after your post that you put a drop or two of tea tree oil.  A teaspoon of it would have very bad health consequences as it is toxic!
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could you pls tell me where to buy tea tree oil for drinking? or what kind of tea tree oil did you use? I wanna order it through Amazon.com
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Lol.  I meant to say that I can't get rid of the pinworms- not the kids. :)  It is very frustrating to battle this and I question why in the world these little worm bastards even exist.  I did papya seeds a few times and had some larger worms come out with that.  I think I will start adding papain capsules to my DE routine....  Someone had mentioned black specks in the stool- I have seen that as well.  Someone also mentioned feeling sensations of movement at the panty line- I get that too.  Also the short strands (that move!) that stand up on the underwear and the toilet paper/wet wipe when I wipe.  It's infuriating.  It really makes you question your sanity.  
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I feel ya.  I am a single mom to FOUR and I can't get rid of them.  I have been taking diatomaceous earth for myself for almost three weeks-  just got to a tablespoon a day dosage.  I was feeling so much better and now the worms seem to have come back!  I have an ex husband that is in denial, and I don't have much help enforcing hygiene.  I have become the hygiene police, and I am making everyone around me miserable.  I have tried PinX and Albenza.  Both failed.  
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this is a frustrating thing ! My docs tell me I have "dandrift" or "dry skin flakes" or they look at me like Iam an alien! My mom who I had to move back in with , she thinks Iam completly crazy or on drugs when I describe what Iam feeling or seeing on me!  Grrrrrrr !!!!
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I know this is a crazy idea, but it doesn't seem like many other suggestions seem to be working to completely cure pinworms.  I'll start off by saying that my son has had them for 2 months.  We've taken a dose of PinX and 2 doses of Albenza.  He just started to complain of itching again (about two weeks after last dose).  How you wondered why pinworms thrive in some digestive systems more than others?  There has to be a reason.  We've followed the hygiene routine just as advised…just like many of you.  There has to be a reason.  My crazy idea: nobody wants to talk about our problem because it's embarrassing, so why not get someone else to? I just wrote to CNN and Fox News.  They have, in the Contact Us section, a link to report a news story.  The inability of some to rid themselves of pinworms is a story that should be covered!  Doctors shrug their shoulders and are no help, so maybe there is somebody out there that is wise enough to do the proper research and help so many who are suffering.  If enough people write about it, maybe it will be covered.  Flood all news stations (even local ones).  We obviously aren't doing much good with our our remedies, so let's put our fingers to work and write people who have a voice (or are willing to use it since we're too embarrassed to speak up in that manner).  I hope others will follow suit!  Good luck to all!!
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Take Charcoal Tablets to kill in intestines works great. However what to do about killing them under ones skin? What a pain this is!!! Some relief by using Dr. Ben Evicter regularly after baths and when itchy...ccoconut oil  & aloe vera gel gives some relief.
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Hi everyone ! I am a mother of 4 children. My oldest daughter has been battling worms for 5 YEARS, I find them every 2-4 months. The longs time frame she has been wlrm free is 4 months. We have DONE IT ALL !!! LIKE enemas,  cleanses, CONSISTENTLY  bathing or showering, certain oils up the rectum, around, and orally.  You think they are gone.... yly keep regularly bathing. Showering 2 x a day, clipping nails washing sheets every morning. Spraying bleach on pillow mattress,   .... THEN 4 MONTHS LATER the F-ing ***ts are back !!!!
I honestly feel like it's our house!!!!! In 5 years of living in this house  with in 2 months my oldest got worms and 2 years later we HAD BED BUGS and my oldest and second born DEVELOPED WARTS !!!!! what the ***k !!!!  I dont know what to do. This is causing so much strife between my daughter and myself , :/ she has fasted for 5 whole days( more than adults) from that point she did and enema, garlic orally and rectum, ACV drink, no starch, sugar, ... for a months.... 4 months later... BOOB like a ninja. I hate these A-holes.
   At least we don't feel alone now... im going to get her some acidophilus,  prebiotic and probiotic,  and just KEEP PRAYING that one day she will be saved from this horrific nightmare. You all are champions !!!!!  Thank you for this forum
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Whatever kind of worm I have is tiny, besides coming out of rectum, it is in eyes ears nose under scalp, and whatever kind of worm this is it effects animals, i have taken everything know to man, everything helps, what works the best is one colostrum and one lactoferrrin, it binds iron so we get it but the worm does not, family and pets will also have to be treated. the worms need Iron to form a healthy egg, so it stops the reproduction cycle, I did see them under a cheap microscope the first day I noticed them, once I started treating them I never actually saw them again, but he symptoms were still there and I see other people and their pets have the same symptoms, to know whether your dogs or cat has it, as soon as they poop take the poop and put it in water if they have worms bubbles will come out if they do not have worms there will be no bubbles, they will also be very itchy, some animals and people seem to have worse symptoms that others.  I don't know exactly what kind of worm this is I am not sure how long the treatment will take, but if they can't reproduce it would be the life cycle of the worm, but you have to make sure you are not getting reinfected by another person or animal, I take one in the morning and one at night, directions on the bottle. smaller amounts for pets depending on size, if this works pass it on.  
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Update please, FYI Animals do not get pinworms. You have something else, like round worm or hookworm.This is why you have not eradicated them. Pinworm treatment wont kill these.
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I have had pinworms for around 4 years now i know how u feel i have had severe weight loss from thrn and other symtoms
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Yea the only way DE is going to work is by ingesting it.
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I've stopped taking medicine for parasites that damaged my liver albendizole mebendazole Praziquantel Ivermectin febendazole making my hair fall out in clumps like a cancer victims who's doing chemo.. stopped going to doctor after doctor since all they did was they labeled me crazy and tried to send me see a shrink for anxiety disorders labeled me with delusional parasitosis! 3 I'm not delusional! I've seen these worms myself!! I've stopped crying and started fighting back! I'm not going to give up till these things are dead and gone and I have my health back!

I found a video on youtube that I been listening to as I sleep on loop every single night and without taking dangerous medicines and just drinking Clove pills 3x a day at each meal 4pills I've started to feel HUMAN Again I cried when I realized it was 11:30 pm and I did not have that itchy biting feeling and have to run to the shower to wash it away! omg I CRIED when the next day I still did not have that biting itching torturing feeling that was literally draining my soul every night at 11pm...


This video is literally saving my life I've only been listening 2 weeks on loop all night as I sleep but I feel so revitalized when I wake up...
I found it as I was going a search on YouTube for natural parasites remedies
I keep the volume at like the point where u here the music nice and low I don't know how this video is doing what so many toxic medicines could not!!! HOW???? I THANK GOD for having just found SOMETHING to help me in this constant battle and I just wanted to post my experience here... I needed to tell someone anyone about how I'm doing now im litteraly crying right now I can't CONTAIN it the tears won't stop I never thought I'd be able to feel comfortable in my own body again it's still a Lil itchy sometimes if I eat sugar too much that day but it's only my 2nd week playing this video on loop as I sleep every night so I am not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth and complain I'm just grateful I'm getting relief... I really wanted to kill myself

Kind of feel that tiny glimmer of hope again..
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Hi there.

So I have been battling these creatures now for 7 months and I am determined to rid myself of them by the end of 2017.  I have been taking herbal tinctures including wormwood, clove, genetian, neem leaves, oregano, MSM, garlic (fresh cloves and herbal), 2 installments of Mebendazole (now going on my 3rd round and tried to convince the doctor to give me a week's worth and he wouldn't ...ugh).  2 cups of large raw pumpkin seeds and 3 TLBS of Coconut Oil per day along with 1 clove chopped of fresh garlic really keep the infection at bay to allow the infected to sleep at night with only waking up maybe once or twice (versus all night long).  I also use Sulfur cream and Calendula/Zinc ointment after every defecation and sometime just when the itching occurs and then stuff a baby wipe in my butt to not allow for any exiting of the eggs during the night (and during the day quite frankly)...Now all that being said, I have reduced my infection and symptoms by about 80% and now I am trying to finish up the rest of the 20% remaining.  

So lastly, here is my theory.  I agree with the acupuncturist that I think auto-infection is occurring more than re-infection, but I think both are happening, maybe on an 80/20 basis.

So the 2 major things I have learned in the last 7 months that I think are helpful to eradicating these nasty critters are the following:

1)  These parasites do not like an oxygenated environment.  We need to keep our bodies highly alkanized, meaning the water we drink needs to be a PH level higher than 7 and ionized.
2)  Our stomach needs to be producing the proper level of acid to kill the invaders when we do get re-infected by ingesting eggs or whatever route they get into our digestive track.  Now here is the deal.  I have been taking Protonix for acid reflux for the last 15 years.  What does Protonix do:  it reduces your stomach acid to minimal at best, which makes our ecosystem less resistant to incoming invaders including parasites.

So my theory is that we are getting re-infected and our body is not killing the invaders if we are taking acid reducing medicines on a regular basis.  Curious to know if others who are having issues getting rid of pinworms are also on an acid reduction regimen like me?

I have stopped taking me Protonix now over a week ago and started taking Mastic Gum which keeps the acid in check in a much more homeostasis way within the stomach and am noticing my symptoms are already lessening as I approach the 1 week mark.

Finally, does anyone know a very reliable online pharmacy that I can use where I can order Mebendazole without a prescription and not be concerned about the quality of the drugs I am getting?  I think I need to take matters into my own hands here.

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Taking the Reese's Pinworm medicine 3 days in a row, combined with topical application of the liquid to the inside and outside of the rectal area before bedtime, seemed to do the trick. (I also continued doing everything else that I had previously been doing.)

Two days after the completion of that treatment, I could find no further definitive evidence of worms, or eggs, in either inside the rectal area, or outside of it. I did have a few sensations of possible worm activity, but that could have been a healing response to all of the abuse the area has suffered through over the past several weeks.

However, after the 3rd treatment of the pinworm medicine, I was feeling pretty poorly. I am doing much better now though. I don't think that I could have handled a 4th day in a row of that.

It's perhaps a bit early to declare victory, but this is a good start to be sure.
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How are you feeling now?  I am thinking about doing the same treatment as I am at my breaking point with this...thanks in advance.  RAS
Not sure I heard back from you....curious to know if you finally were successful?
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OK - one other point. I want to talk about side effects. The only items which have caused me noticeable side effects, are the rubbing alcohol, the clove oil, and the Reese's Pinworm medicine. The alcohol side effects have been minor, with mostly just skin irritation, and an occasional not so well feeling, when I have over done it. The Clove oil, can make you drowsy, if too much is absorbed into your system. The Pinworm medicine would make me feel downright ill for a while. No other product, including the Tea Tree oil, which is supposed to be a poison, has left me with discernible side effects. However, just because we don't feel anything happening, does not necessarily mean that we are not damaging our bodies with these things. Still, for me, it was worth the risk, especially since those of us who have had this ailment, have been forced into being their own doctor, and lab specimen, at the same time. It's unfortunate, but with the current woefully inadequate medical care for this condition, there are few other options.
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Hey there, if you are willing to suffer a bit for 3 days, I am recommending a Pineapple fast where you are only drinking fresh pineapple juice or eating fresh pineapple 3 x day (at meal time) and drinking lemon water (fresh lemon juice mixed with water).  The enzymes in Pineapple coupled with the acidity of the lemon juice creates a hostile environment for these horrible creatures to survive.  I am now on Day 2 and can get through half the day without the same level of itching or noticing the eggs when I wipe....plus my stomach has flattened substantially as well.  Curious to know if you take any Acid Reducers like Protonix or Prilosec as I believe this creates a more hospitable environment for these creatures (ie..less acidic).  Good luck as hopefully I will have as well.
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My plan to completely eliminate this loathsome pest, is to take Reese's Pinworm medicine, 3 days in a row, and then to repeat this again after one to two weeks. I also plan on using the pinworm medicine topically. After applying the Vicks, I apply a bit of the Reese's Pinworm medicine on top of that. I did this last night, and I found only one tiny worm that survived this salvo. I plan on repeating this every night, until the buggers are entirely out of my life. Well, there you have it. I hope that this information has been helpful to all of those also struggling with this nightmare.
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One other point - stay away from processed protein powder! Both animal and plant based protein powder seems to fuel the parasites. At first, I thought it was due to added sugar. But some products have a very low sugar count and yet still fuel the parasites! I am not sure why protein powder is a problem, but it is a really big problem, so stay away from it as a protein source. Fish and meat, do not seem to fuel the critters.
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I have been following this blog for some time now, and have been aggressively fighting this pinworm infestation for approximately 3 months now, so I thought that I would share my own personal experiences with some of the suggestions made by others here.  In addition, I have arrived at some of my own solutions as well. One reason why it takes people so long to heal from the problem (myself included), is that there is a learning curve with what works and what does not work. Mistakes in particular, will be made, until one realizes that this foe is extremely hardy, and persistent, and that one cannot be lazy, or haphazard, in their approach to dealing with the problem.

First, I need mention that I am male, 65 years old, and retired. Being older certainly does not help in fighting this menace, but being retired most certainly does, because I can be on "battle stations" alert, in a moments notice, and that is an extremely important advantage. Those who have long duration work commitments at an office or other public venue, may find some of my suggestions somewhat impractical, but I have thought of some workarounds for that as well. I came up with these ideas while having "pinworm attacks", while out shopping, or socializing at a restaurant etc.

At the time of this writing, I have nearly eradicated this menace, but there are still some stragglers persisting. I do feel that I pretty much have them on the ropes, so to speak, and I have a final plan for victory against them. I might also add, that I had a rather severe infection at one point, so my progress has indeed been substantial.

First up, let me identify the methods that absolutely did not work for me, either for practical reasons, or because it takes more than 3 months for such methods to work. I will describe why such methods did not work for me as well.

Here is what did NOT work for me at all:

- Trying to cover the anus with medical tape -

There was a practical problem with this potential solution. It interfered with my other more successful methods, and I really never could get this to work properly in the first place. All brands of medical tape that I could find, were too narrow, and  not sticky enough to stay on. I could never get the tape to entirely cover the anus correctly, and it is very difficult to do so, because you cannot see what you are doing. Several separate strands were required, and this only made it more likely for the pieces to bunch up, catch, and unravel. Furthermore, I needed to use Vicks Vapor rub as an important tool, and this made it virtually impossible for the medical tape to adhere to my anus. Conclusion? A total fail.

- One time application of Reese's Pinworm medicine, with a one or two week follow-up.

This helped to be sure, but it did not last, and it did not get rid of them. Two or three days later, they were back in full force. It knocks them back a bit, but that is about it. I have a new plan for this, that you will read at the end of this message. Conclusion? Partial failure.

- Spreading Medicated Body Powder around the anus area -

This powder makes a HUGE mess, gets all over everything, and does NOT stop the worms from laying eggs around the anus. Worse, it dries out the anal cavity, making it impossible to insert a medical glove to clean out active worms just inside the anal cavity. Conclusion? A total fail.

- Topically spreading DE around the anus area -

Exactly the same problems as with the Medicated Body Power - Conclusion? A total fail.

-Breaking open a capsule of garlic powder, and spreading it around the anus area, and/or inserting it into the anal cavity, with Vicks Vapor rub.

Exactly the same problems as with the Medicated Body Powder, and DE. None of these methods stopped the worms in any discernable way, and simply interfered with other more effective methods. Conclusion? A total fail.

- Taking Cayenne Pepper pills -

This may have helped, but I am not certain. The main problem with this approach, is that my digestive system simply could not handle it. It gave me heartburn like I had never experienced before, and was entirely intolerable. So I had to abandon this approach. Conclusion? A partial failure.

- Going to the doctor -

This method, only delayed my agony. It was not only ineffective, but it actually delayed my healing. A BIG mistake. Now, it is important for me to state, that I live in eastern Washington, where high quality medical help is in short supply. But here is how this option played out.

The doctors simply will not treat you with a prescription, until they get a positive hit, on the stool sample. Like so many others on this blog, mine came back with a false negative, after more than a week of delay, while the sample was at the lab. Just getting an appointment, takes days or even weeks. The nurse wanted me to leave repeated samples, until a positive hit occurred. I did not have the luxury of waiting around that long, while being tortured by this menace.

Moreover, in my humble opinion, a stool sample is NOT the best method for determining infection. Many suggest using tape to collect a sample at the anus, but for me, the best method by far, was to wait for that biting or crawling feeling to occur, and then to pull them out using medical gloves, and a very light coating of either oil, or Vicks. With some practice, you will come to recognize all the various stages of pinworm evolution, and you will have no problem distinguishing between water or oil droplets, and actual worm samples.

But here is a very important point - relying upon the naked eye, is NOT the best method for acquiring this skill. Get yourself a wide angle magnifying glass, with 5 X magnification WITH an onboard light. I got mine from Amazon. This is sufficient to easily distinguish between what is a worm, and what is not a worm. The worms will appear as a slightly off white, translucent sort of "color", with a characteristic shape. They will run the gamut from appearing very similar to tiny grains of white rice (to the naked eye), to the more characteristic longer thin threadlike appearance of the full grown adult.

Worse, the doctor said to stop immediately placing anything inside, or around the anus. Well, if I followed his advice, I would have thousands of worms swarming me every day, instead of only zero to one or two at this point.

My doctor, would not accept any sample other than a lab stool sample, so after the first failure, I dropped that option entirely. Conclusion? A total fail, with negative consequences, that potentially interfered with something that does actually work.

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So now, let me talk a little bit about important tools that worked for me - your mileage may vary, as the saying goes. As always, employing these techniques should be done with care and caution - I purchased a box (several boxes actually) of medical gloves. I used these to apply Vicks, Clove oil, and even a VERY light coating of rubbing alcohol (be careful with this, and always combine it with oil or Vicks for lubrication). Whenever I would feel any movement inside the anal cavity, I would interrupt the egg laying cycle, by pulling them out in conjunction with one of the above lubricants and gloves, that often would kill the worms as well. The Vicks wouldn't kill them outright, but it would cause them to stick to the gloves, making it easy to pull them out.

Interrupting the egg laying cycle is extremely important, and this was my daytime Go-To solution for that. The only problem is, that you have to be on guard at all times. If you are not at home, and you need to address that itch while out in public, find a bathroom, and carry one or more medical gloves with you in your pocket, or purse.

Prior to leaving the house, carefully coat your anal insides with a light coating of Vicks. Not too much, or else, you will feel discomfort, and there might be some leakage into your underwear. (You could also wear Depends, or use some other temporary undergarment. ) But this should be enough to allow you to extract the offending worms that you feel biting, or moving around inside of you, so that they don't get to lay eggs, while you are away from your home.

Since I am retired, I would set my alarm at night for 3 hours sleep. I would then, clean out the area, a second time, and reapply the Vicks, clove oil, or whatever else I deemed necessary. This would catch those worms just hatching, or just prior to them hatching, for those females that succeeded in laying eggs around the anal area, during that sleep period. I would then go back to sleep for another two to three hours. The first application would occur prior to bed time, and I would attempt to shower as well before retiring for the night. I slept with two pairs of clean underwear, and I would always change these in the morning.

Also upon awakening, I would clean the area out either by taking a shower, or by using clove oil, or rubbing alcohol on the outsides of the anal area. Rubbing alcohol seemed to be slightly more effective. This will take a toll on your skin with repeated applications, so it is important to rotate your options here. In addition to the clove oil, I might use the original Listerine as a cleaner. This was somewhat less harsh, albeit slightly less effective than the rubbing alcohol. Do not, I repeat, do not fail to do this first thing in the morning!

Even if you do not feel anything, the odds are very high, that there are eggs collected around the anal area, and they will hatch into tiny worms that look like tiny rice to the naked eye. At some point, they will make their presence known to you, by that biting or itching feeling. You want to catch them and get rid of them prior to that happening, if at all possible.

Bowel movements, are both a blessing and a curse. They are needed to flush the system, but they also bring fresh worms up to near the entry point of the anus. I always shower if possible immediately afterwards. I use a high pressure hand held shower head, to wash the insides of the anal cavity as well. This helps tremendously with reducing the numbers of worms that will become active later on. Sometimes, this will create an enema effect, and you will have a second bout of diarrhea. This is indeed an inconvenience, but if you don't do this, you will have more worm problems. I would rather deal with the diarrhea, than a renewed cycle of worm attacks. Any remaining worms, are pulled out with the gloves, as I sense them moving around or biting me.

Also, after each shower, use a blow dryer on high heat, on your backside and upper thighs, for as long as you can stand it. The extra heat, just might kill any eggs till clinging to the area.

In addition to all of that, I take vitamins, extra zinc, extra iron, extra Vitamin B12, and probiotics, preferably the liquid variety.  Three to four times a day, I take 3 to 5 drops of Tea Tree oil, and 4 to 5 drops of Oregano oil, in the mouth, and wash it down with a little bit of water.

I have been taking "Intestinal Edge", and "Paraguard", three to four times a day, at double to triple the suggested usage. These contain the various anti-parasitic herbs and oils. The suggested dose, was entirely ineffective. The higher dose, helps, but does not get rid of the worms entirely. I prefer the Paraguard, over the Intestinal Edge.

I also take garlic pills after each meal, and MSM. I do not know if these help any or not, but there have been no side effects to it, so I keep doing it, because they are supposed to be helpful. About 10 days ago, I started up with organic food grade DE. Again, I do not know if this is effective or not, but I am willing to stay with it for a while. I have been taking double the suggested dosage each day.

Now here is one thing that definitely has been effective! Charcoal pills! I take them late at night, just before bedtime, so as to not interfere with the absorption of nutrients and other things. I take close to the recommended dosage, but mostly all at once rather than spread it out throughout the day. Sometimes, I will follow-up with another smaller dose, upon awakening for my early morning cleanse, prior to heading back to sleep. I noticed an immediate reduction in worms, upon implementing this charcoal capsule approach. More than anything else that I am aware of, this has made the most difference in terms of what I have been taking orally.

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How are you getting on? Have you managed to beat these things yet?
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Ive had pinworms for nearly 6 months now, and have shed lots of  tears during that time. Sometimes I go to bed at night wishing that I wont wake up the next day. It's taken over my life and I don't know what to do.

I'm currently on day 8 of my 10-day Albendazole treatment but haven't noticed any improvement. Like the previous poster I'm going to try tea tree oil for a few days and then maybe a carb-free diet (although it's going to be tricky when going out for meals with family etc - I'm thinking a mixed grill will be the best bet without it being obvious that something is up!)

I'd love to hear more frompeople that posted earlier in the thread with updates on their condition. I really could do with some positivity and encouragement to help me through this!
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Yes, a carb free diet helps. Also, stay away from processed protein powder. I don't know why, but these products both animal based, and plant based, seem to really fuel the parasites. I try to interrupt the cycle, by using medical gloves to clean myself out, whenever I feel something moving around. I use a lubricant such as Vaseline, or Vicks, so as to safely employ such a method, and also the goo causes the worms to stick, so that you can pull them out. Get a 5 X magnifying glass, with a light, to help you see better, and monitor what comes out. You will learn to recognize them better that way as well.
Shower and clean yourself after every bowel movement. After awakening, always shower, or clean yourself meticulously. I like to use a shower head that has a power spray, to really get in there.
Charcoal capsules at night, have been very effective - more so than any single other item that I have taken orally. They have not eliminated the worms entirely, but the charcoal really busts them back quite a bit.
Try diatomaceous earth, if that doesn't work use msm.
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Hi all
I've been suffering with worms for over 4 months and I have some Tea Tree Oil in the cupboard but I'm scared to try it! Has anybody experienced any side effects from taking it?
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No side effects yet, and I have been taking 3 to 4 drops 3 to 4 times a day for about a month now. I'm still not convinced that it is effective though. I found charcoal capsules at night, to work much better for me.
I noticed an immediate reduction in the worm activity, after one day of taking Charcoal capsules. I took the recommended dosage, but all at once, late at night before bedtime, so as to not interfere with the absorption of other items.
You might even consider trying Oregano essential oil. It might work better than the tea tree oil anyway. And it is safer to consume.
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Ok later I would say 1-2 months I start to feel itchy at my butt.

But I would not gonna blame her. I also working I might get that from work.

Ok I had itchy for about five months and the thing I did just taking a shower and I felt better.

then I start to use anti-itch cream as people who have problem about hemorrhoid use. I though I had problem about hemorrhoid somehow.

Ok i couldn't stay on my itchy anymore then I decided to see my doctor after i felt itchy for 5 months

And it was embarrassing. My doctor question me to treat every ones in my family and she thought all people in my family got it.

Ok I though I might get from my husband because I suck his a lot.

but  nobody in my family got these worm.I don't hear anyone of them complain about itchy bottom (until now it has been 11 months) I asked all of them and they get really mad and i try to notice them and they are still ok.

we slept separate room though.
I showered a lot before because I felt itchy that only thing i could do (it might be this case)

Well after doctor gave me medicine ok it went away for 1 month. Then it came back then I bought reese pinworm or something though online I dare not to see my doctor anymore. But it had never worked for me at all.

Ok I took care of myself by "eat a lot of garlic" , "shower in the morning and before bed" , "separate my laundry basket" , "change my clothes every times. So I kinda control my pinworms that way for about 6 months later.

But after I have read almost 520 answers here.

I have more control .. I went to shopping for ..

1. plastic gloves - I will wear only one glove on my right hand. Then I poop or pee. after I done I will use that glove hand to clean my butt. And then put a lot of NOXZEMA cream on my butt hole a lot.

Another hand that no glove I will use it to do something else  that not involve touching my but.

2. Noxema cream ( I think it is blue container and it look like cleaning cosmetic cream) at first I put a lot on my butt hole I felt weird and and it is a little hurt at the first time. I think because my skin around my butt hole already irritate from pinworm's egg laying & hatching. Alright  I have put Noxzema Cream on my butt every times for about 3 days now and fine. - Thanks and give credit for everyone who give an idea about Noxzema cream on this forum. I used to buy other hemorrhoid cream and cost me like $29.99 and keep ordering those cream online .. Noxzema is really cheap like 1-2$ and you can use this cream plenty each time.

3. rubbing Alcohol 70-90% I will wear glove and mask and use toilet paper to pour alcohol and rub every where I want. The floor , the toilet bowl , the sink , the door nobs , everything you need to rub and make them clean. Thanks for the guy who give this idea the one who wear glove at work he gave idea on this forum.

4. Mask I would wear when i do laundry and rubbing alcohol and take garbage away

5. small garbage bin in the bathroom to throw away used glove and whatever that i used. I use separate garbage bin from my family. my husband and my kid think it is weird why do i need to do that. But I told them that I need to throw my lady stuff  like tampon or something personal. and told them to not open my garbage bin. So they kinda respect me for that. But my husband he like to clean my garbage bin sometime that make me really mad. And I told him that he will never touch my garbage bin in the bathroom again.

6. Big garbage bin- the one the you can use your feet to step it open the top. I use this bin to keep my laundry. Before bath I will take off my top then will walk to bathroom topless. Then I will open the "garbage for laundry" and I will open my small garbage bin both of them left open next to the bath tub. Then I will take my sock off first and put them in "Laundry garbage bin" next I take off my jean then I left it around my feet , then I take off my panties then I put in my jean (the one i just took off) then I roll them together then put in "Laundry . This way will keep my pant and panties together reduce a chance of falling egg.

7. shopping for herbal and medicine
  - zinc tablet
  - garlic table (i swallow fresh garlic also but when have no time garlic tablet is useful)
  - Neem extract
  - Grapefruit seed extract
  - cat's claw extract
  - olive leave extract
  - women's one a day multivitamin
  all these you will have to study about side effect and what herbal's benefit before use each one.  Thanks for people here  who give me these idea.

8. wormwood tincture, black walnut tincture , I will use these tincture on empty stomach to make the worm feel bad .. basically between meal on empty stomach (you have to study about this before use it will make your heartbeat, headache, diarrhea - it is happen to me for 2-3 weeks sometime you might feel sick if you wanna try , try when you have day off from work) for me it is effective way - first I got these ideas through Amazon.com from people review but also thanks for people who have this idea on here also. - study really hard about this if it ok to use for yourself or you can consult with herbalist

9. Diet is a must. I have only eat Veggie,Meat,fat .. No juice No Coffee I love iced latte from coffee shop I have stopped for 3-4 days now.  It's hurt your feeling at first then you will used to it. I will stir fried all vegetable together with meat and garlic a lot of them for my food. Or i will make stew , soup with meat and vegetable, I will continue to do this I studied from some web it said that you can do this way 3-4 month. So pls study about this first if you can take it. It's very effective. It will starve the worm immediately  - also thanks for people who put this idea up on this forum

10. I order parasite herbal pill online the one that contain wormwood and black walnut. The one that's said use 10 days  eat 2 pill with meal .. i also take this with meal

Ok, I feel better and thanks so much for you guys to share all idea here.
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I have had this pinworm affliction for over a year now and have tried everything.  I believe if you catch them before it becomes a hyperinfection, you can kill them.  Let me say from the start that without the help of the Lord Jesus Christ, I would be a basket case for sure!  He keeps me sane and has prevented me from spreading it to others. If they haven't spread all over (eyes, sinuses, ears, etc.), try eating small amounts of chewing tobacco several times a day for awhile.  Don't eat it too late in the day or you won't be able to sleep at night.  If only I had done this when I first got infected!!  I am doing a combination of things daily and some things once a week.  I'm trusting the Lord for a cure and am looking forward to sharing my experience soon!
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