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can't get rid of pinworms

I can't get rid of pinworms. Have had them for 8 years now.  I have taken many prescriptions and over the counter meds and home remedies.  Now my rectum hurts.  Need advice on getting rid of these horrible things.  I'm fed up!!
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Try a low-fat diet.  I may try that.
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I've had them for 4 years and its a real nightmare.The only way to get rid of them is to leave you're house naked,take a shower at you're old home,wash youre hair,leave EVERYTHING behind,money pets,clothes,food,important papers too.quite you're job and move into you're new apartment naked,take a shower there then bleach the tub out.make sure to take the medcine.then wait until you get kciked out for not paying the rent.Lets hope that got rid of them!!!!!

I am in so much pain and give up.I just gotta get used to it I should be by now.
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I feel for you. I have had roundworms for the past 3 years and the doctors are no help!! I too feel dirty and it's hard for me to be close to my husband. I have taken Mebendazole, Albenza and Pin-X many, many times with no luck!! I taken black walnut oil and clove oil which helped some but didn't cure me. I would love it if someone could come up with a solution that would work for all of us!  I wish you lots of luck and hope there is someone out there with some real help for us. I can't believe there's not a doctor out there who can help. I am about ready to do anything I can.
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Pin  worms can live 2-6 weeks inside the intestinal tracts and come out of the rectum to lay eggs at night that’s why the itching is worse at night. The eggs live for 2 to 3 weeks on any surface and are airborne. By scratching, the microscopic eggs get under your nails and can be transferred anywhere , including your ears and nose and the food you eat. They recommend that you wash the sheets every 3-4 days and to keep hands very clean to prevent reinfestation. You can either take an OTC pin worm remedy but please know they do not kill the eggs. You nan also use a black walnut husk tincture(15-20 drops a day) , wormwood and garlic to kill the adults. Cloves will kill the eggs, I used the clove oil around my rectum and vagina, that stopped the itching as well as killed the eggs. If you have garlic pills, you can break them and use as well. THE CLOVE OIL IS ESSENTIAL TO KILL THE EGGS. I have been using a Q tips and cotton balls to periodically apply clove oil under and around my nails to kill the eggs. PREGNANT WOMEN SHOULD NOT USE THESE REMEDIES WITHOUT CONSULTING A DOCTOR. Pregnant women should be able to use the clove oil externally to kill the eggs, but consult your doctor first. Clove oil is also good for toothaches and itchiness. I bought a spray called the ERADICATOR which contains pyrethum to kill the eggs on surfaces and the air. Pin worm infestations can be a vicious cycle as they are highly contagious. All family members should be treated. I will treat this for the next 2 months just to be certain. IF NOTHING ELSE USE THE CLOVE OIL TO STOP THE ITCH. What do you have to lose?
Everything can be bought on Amazon. Don't forget to spray your keyboard with ERADICATOR..
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*** Just to let you know that the full strength clove oil does burn!.** I let it sit for about 10 seconds and wiped it off. Some remained because I am currently itch free.I'd rather have a few seconds of burning than a night of itching.The second time I used it on my rectum, it burned but I let it stay and then the burning stopped.You can dilute it with water but I think oil is better. Mix it to the strength you can take. Remember to keep using the clove oil under your nails and around the nail bed to kill the eggs. Spray the bed sheet with the Eradicator( or product containing pyrethrum) to kill the eggs before removing them from the bed. Shaking the sheet will only launch the egg into the air. I recommend spraying the entire house, pay attention especially things like doorknobs, keyboards and things you usually touch. I would also use some of the oil(mixed or not) inside the ears and around the nostrils. The eggs can be transported anywhere...we all probably have scratched in our sleep and touched parts of our faces.
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I wanted to make sure that people are aware that having a vaginal itch with no discharge in addition to the anal itch is quite common with females that are infected by pinworms. I tried diflucan and other vaginal remedies that never worked.I had felt a creepy crawly sensation below  with intense night time itching . I kept trying to check but saw nothing. It was only when I understood that pinworms are also known as thread worms because they look like little bits of white or translucent thread that I knew I was infested. Take a bath before bed, wait for the itching and take a pice of tape and press it against your anus. You'll see them moving on it . Prior to that , I thought they were fibers from my panties or toilet paper fibers. I took Pin-X and got some relieve but it came back. During this time I finally saw a couple of them move. YUCKKK!!!! Anywho , get a prescription or the OTC remedy.  I am also taking the 20 drops of Black walnut tincture, the wormwood and eating garlic(or garlic pills). I am covering all my bases. NO PRISONERS!!!! Don't forget to use the Eradicator or any other spray containing the pyrethrum that's safe for home use in conjunction with coating under your nails and fingertips with clove oil. I carry it with me everywhere.  GNC , the Vitamin Shoppe and health foods  sell the clove oil and perhaps  the other things as well.. I ordered all mine online but couldn't wait a  day longer so I bought the clove oil at GNC .Give me some feedback and let me know if you guys had any luck.
Did you get rid of your pinworm infestation?
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