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can't get rid of pinworms

I can't get rid of pinworms. Have had them for 8 years now.  I have taken many prescriptions and over the counter meds and home remedies.  Now my rectum hurts.  Need advice on getting rid of these horrible things.  I'm fed up!!
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Did any of you notice small black fibre-like things on your pants too? This sounds similar to what a friend of mine has, and she is really tortured by it too! Or small cotton wool-like nests?
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Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade, of course)!
If you have pinworms, THIS IS A MUST! Look it up online.
Forget the OTC drugs, even the Vermoxx is questionable.
I believe these parasites have overtime become immune
to these drugs. The great thing about the DE is you can take it daily
until the entire life cycle of the eggs to adult has run it's course. You can
even continue to take this as it a great source of minerals!
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Took vermox twice. outside the states the course includes the tablet twice daily for three days. Still feel the creepy crawlers. Funny there's no itch, just a 'bite' late afternoon.  i did however get a bad wave of perianal and vaginal itching at first and that's how i realised i had the infection. Stupid me. i was renting with a family and knew the little daughter had the infection and even though i'm a doctor i didn't bother to take preventive measures.
All i can say is that resistance is a scientific fact. my mother is african and claims that pumkin seeds are an ancient age old remedy that was always used by our ancestors. lets face it, these worms always existed but vermox didnt. and for the fact, the human race isn't all infected therefore the treatments of the past did work. She also mentioned garlic which is in its chemical composition an antiseptic. cloves as well. And honey has a glorious history of working wonders. Please do not use therapies that cause local irritation. the skin is already iritated and has had enough. Try to use milder forms but be persistent about it. it's a shame i couldn't find any scientific research to suggest the best therapy. Nobody will fund garlic anti-pinworm research.. yet!
good luck to all of us and remember the palcebo effect works 30% of the whole therapy effct, so keep it positive!
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Ugh! Pinworms! Again! I am only thirteen years old and i have had pinworms on and off for about two years now. When i first got them it was during the summer when i was only 11. I itched and itched all night, too embarrased to tell my mom. I hate when i cant get a good night sleep. Now i noticed when i put pressure on my bottom they seem to quite moving. I cant even be active anymore without the itching. My mom bought me Conbactrin or something like that and it was like 20 dollars. But that was expensive to her and she didnt even think i had them even though i could pull them out of my bottom. Gross! I got them again 2 months later. And i have just keep getting them every two months since then, My mom is getting tired of buying medication for me. Back when i was eleven they would just dissapear. But now i dont know what to do anymore. They keep comming back! GRRRRRR! I am gonna try the suggestions from BlahBlah88. Thanks everyone. It means alot. I know what your going through. They make me wanna swear so bad!!!! UGGHHH!!!!!! Hopefully it works :)
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Ok...after doing almost ALL of these interventions, I did the unthinkable.  I did a garlic douche and then *gasp* a garlic enema using tap water & garlic powder.  I slept the whole night after!  I also drank a small glass of water with garlic powder in it each morning & each afternoon.  It doesn't really have any taste, just the smell, which I GLADLY tolerated to get rid of these little bast***s.   I turned on ALL the lights in the house & washed the sheets every few days.  I even ironed the sheets while they were on the bed as soon as I got home from work.  I was desperate (quite obviously), but these things seemed to work.  Good luck.  All I can think is that God had a bizarre sense of humor when creating them, but all I want is for them to DIE!!!!!!
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Pinworms are not easy to get rid of.  Some people need a lot more medication for a longer time.  You can order Vermox online.  Do a search online using the key words:   1564827 ICU    .  Look at the first link that comes up.  I had the same problem for months and this worked for me.  Remember that the medications must be chewed and taken with a fatty meal to be absorbed properly.
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