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causes of high lipase levels 658

what causes high lipase level, should i be worried?

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You need to discuss issues related to the functioning of your pancreas with your doctor. Call and get started on finding out what's going on.
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My daughter has chron's disease and had a lipase level of 715 and a normal Amylase level. What are some of the possible meanings of this?
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Yesterday afternoon, my lipase level suddenly increased to 1360 and my amylase level was 151.  This morning, my fasting lipase level was 900 and amylase level was 141.  At 2:00 pm today, another sample was taken with a lipase reading of 550 and amylase at 115.

What are the possible triggers on these elevated lipase and amylase readings despite previous normal readings for the last 2 - 3 years (last blood test was about 1-1/2 months ago).
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I'd be interested in some feedback here as well.  In July 09 my Amylase (179) & Lipase (92) were slightly elevated, but not crazy high, then in September (A: 173 / L: 62), and also in December (A: 145 / L: 154).  

In December I had an ultrasound that ruled out gallbladder issues, an upper GI scope that ruled out ulcers & other stomach related things, then in early January, 2 MRIs of my pancreas that ruled out pancreatitis or blockages.  I was also told my liver looked excellent.

The doctor thought that perhaps my pancreas had become sensitive to alcohol (even though I don't drink copious amounts, just a few on the weekends) and suggested that I abstain from alcohol for a couple months to see if the levels come back into range.  

I have a friend who does blood work for a living and she ran it last night after 18 days without alcohol out of curiosity to see if they were coming down at all.  Instead, she found that they had increased a great deal - Amalyse was 210 and Lipase jumped to 1178.

I left a message for my doctor with this information and haven't heard back yet.  I am wondering how they could be raising if I am not drinking.  Like, what the heck else could this be...?  I don't have any diabetes symptoms and overall, I feel great.
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My 5 year old has had pancreatitis twice in 4 1/2 months.  Once in Nov 2009 and again in April 2010.  No cause was found - tested negative for gall bladder issues, negative for cystic fibrosis, cholesterol was normal, no trauma to belly, no family history, no pancreatitic cysts.  She did receive a flu shot one month before the first attack, and then received her MMR and Chickenpox vaccine one month before the second attack.  Possible connection, we don't know?  Both times her Lipase levels were over 18,000 and her Amylase levels were around 1,500.  After 4-5 day hospital stays, they came back down to normal.  She is on a low fat diet.  We are pursuing Genetic testing to see if she has one of the known defective chromosomes for hereditary pancreatitis - fighting with insurance company now.  Has ANYONE had anything like this happen to a child they know?  We, as well as the doctors, are baffled as to the cause.  Thanks to all.
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My daughter was diagnosed with pancreatitis when she was 12. No reason was ever found. She had all the same tests as your child, & were also negative.They tested her 3 times for cystic fibrosis, which they were sure was the cause, because she was small for her age, (which is also a symptom of CF). The tests were negative, but she had nasty burns on her wrists from the repeated sweat tests. She was hospitalized for 6 days, 5 of which was with no food by mouth, only IV drip, to rest the pancreas. Her levels finally came down, & she was released, but no definitive answers. She had a stomach virus the week prior, and they thought it was a slight possiblity that it had infected her pancreas, but really pretty unlikely. This was 2 years ago. She had almost a zero fat diet for about a year, then this past year we have kept her diet low fat. Luckily, no recurrences, but everytime he has an upper-belly pain or twinge, she goes back to zero fat for a week or so.
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Hi there,

I had pancreatitis 8 years ago, was the worst pain ive ever had, could barely swallow saliva never mind eat or drink anything went from 11 stone down 7 stone, but after 3 months i got better, anyway it all started through a nasty viral infection,  and i find now when i get any upset belly or sick my levels rise, it seems  i might have to live with this, im on omoprazole 30 mg a day to keep my stumoch acid at bay.
So im thinking for a young child obviously has no alcahol and not eating currys every night, I would suggest it was the viral infection thats kicked it off..  
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Just a note to everyone here H.pylori has a connection to pancreatitis...get yourselves and your loved ones checked out.
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