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chest pain

Is it posible for gas to cause chest pain that gets worse when you breath. I have also been burping alot. The pain is gone if i relax my chest but the deeper the breath the sharper the pain.
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Also it's the left side and almost seems like i'm terring something if i try to breath deeper.
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I experienced this for the first time yesterday.  I was sitting in class and then slumped over my desk a little and when I sat up straight and took a breath, I felt pressure in the center of my chest, right in the middle of my breast bone.  If I breathed in or out deeply, the pressure would intensify but when I breathed normally/shortly, there was no pressure.  I thought I was maybe having a minor heart attack so of course I got nervous and my heart rate started to speed up.  Then when I stood up I burped twice and the pressure went away but it's coming back this evening, but only when I inhale/exhale deeply.  I'm going to see the physician as soon as I can but it's got me worried that maybe it's my heart.  Have you seen the physician and if so, what did he/she tell you?  
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