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child has stomach pain after having fecal impaction

My 11 year old son had  terrible pain (around his belly button) and an xray was taken which showed he had a fecal impaction right up to his small intestines.  He does tend to hold his bowel movements if he is at school, he refuses to go there.  After giving him Miralax and 3 enemas, we were able to clear the impaction.  Another xray was done to show the impaction was gone.  Per his Pediatrician, he is on a 1/2 a capful of Miralax per day.  He is having 5-6 bowel movements a day (soft & snake like).  However, here we are 3 weeks later and he is still in pain.  He now describes  the pain as a squeezing feeling or like someone is pulling and pushing on his stomach.  He is also extremely gassy when he goes the bathroom.  This pain comes and goes and happens mostly while he is eating or right after he eats.  He also wakes up in the morning with pain and it will come and go throughout the day.  One minute he is fine, happy 11 year old, the next he is holding his stomach, moaning.   I took him back to his Pediatrician and she suggested Gas-X, which doesn't do anything for him.  She also said it is going to take time for his colon to heal since it was so over extended for such a long period of time.  She said it will take months for him to feel better.  Is this true and has anyone else had this experience?  My son is going to see a GI doctor soon.  In the meantime, we are frustrated that we don't know how to ease his pain.  
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