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chrnic diarrhea
Dear sir,

I have been suffering from chronic diarrhoea since 20
years. In dec 2000, I consumed some unani medicines(
1. qurs malthee pasanth 2. jawarish amla sada 3.
jawarish mastagi 4. habbe samak 5. indamali)which were
advised by hamdard labs. Delhi. After five days, I
faced severe diarhhoea which I never faced in my
life.Before consuming unani medicines I didn't have
serious problems.

Now, I am having the following problems.

1. My stomach does not agree wheat products (like
chappathi, biscuits etc.), soup,coconut products,
potato fry, milk, fruit juices particularly mango &
lemon juices, allopathic medicines, ayurvedic
medicines,even homeo medicines. Diarrhoea takes place
immediately. 2.Eructation 3. More flatus comes from
anus. 4. heart palpitation (after having food and
after evacuate the stool) 5. fatigue 6. Insomnia.

Last year, both endoscopy and colonoscopy has been
taken for me. But reports are normal. Doctor advise me
Mebaspa (mebeverine hydrochloride - 135mg.), Libotryp
(Amitriptyline,5 mg chlordiazepoxide hydrochloride and
2.5 mg clidinium bromide), Tegibs (tegaserod maleate -
6mg), Vizylac, Omeprazole. But,I am not satisfied the
above treatment. Problems are still remain.

Some doctors are saying this is  IBS but some other
doctors are saying this is not classical IBS. Which is
correct and what should I have to do?

Kindly need your advise.


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