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chronic pancreatitis surgery

anybody ever have a surgical procedure called a "Puestow procedure"?  it is a type of surgery that is used mainly for patients with chronic pancreatitis and my doctor has suggested this as an option in dealing with this disease and the pain it causes.  i am fearful of complications from this surgery that could affect my quality of life (at about 80% right now) but the upside if all goes well would be that i could get off of the pain medication that i currently take on a daily basis.  i would appreciate any comments on this or other experiences you might have endured with chronic pancreatitis.  i am also curious if anyone has developed pancreatic cancer that might have started out as chronic pancreatitis!!!
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There is no cure for chronic pancreatitis other than organ transplant.  As you know, there is constant pain with this disease that can lead to addiction to pain meds as well as building a tolerance to meds, which has it's own set of problems.  The Puestow Proceedure is designed as a measure to reduce/eliminate pain thereby reducing or eliminating the use of pain relievers.  Pain is generally caused by the reduced power of the organ to drain due to blockages.  Surgical placement of a stent to bypass the blockage can achieve better function of the organ while reducing pain.  The proceedure hasn't been around long enough to have many long-term studies, but the studies out there show that the proceedure is great for reducing/eliminating pain.  It is done via a scope so that recovery time is only a few days, while at the same time pain relief is almost immediate.  The proceedure can be reversed if necessary or desireable. Hope this helps
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There are 2 really good panc message boards at yahoo. alot of really good info, I'am sure you will find those who have had this procedure. Just sign up at yahoo groups and then put in pancreatitis...........Hope to see ya there....georgie439
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