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colon perforation

My fiance recently had a colonoscopy in which the doctor found a polyp. The polyp was removed and everything seemed fine until early the next morning, he had severe abdominal pain. The doctor directed him to the emergency room to have a ct scan. They found that during the polypectomy, the doctor removed too much and made a "micro-perforation" in his colon. He was admitted to the hospital for four days under close watch with lots of fluids, antibiotics and pain meds. The doctors confirmed that due to his perfect health, he would heal on his own and surgery was not necessary. Now, fast forward one and a half weeks... he's gone by doctor's orders - no strenuous activities, meds and eating normally - but he is still in quite a bit of pain. The pain travels from his back (where the perf. was made) to the front. Is this normal? We aren't getting much help from his doctors! Any suggestions or words of encouragement? What's next?
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Is he running a fever?  Is he on antibiotics?  He should keep on top of them as this is not something to fool around with.
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He is not running a fever and he was on an antibiotic for the first week he was home from the hospital. He is sick of taking pain medication, but the doctor keeps saying that if pain meds can control the pain, then there isn't any issue.
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