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constant gastric gurgling, gas and cramps

I woke up with this issue (gas, cramps and gurgling and pain most likely from gas)on Apr 14, 2015 and have had it ever since.  The colon gurgles especially after eating (anything). I release an enormous amount of gas regularly.  I have hade constant pain in the upper left quadrant.  I have had an abdominal ultrasound which showed some gall bladder sludge; everything else normal.  Abdominal CT scan with barium and iodine.  No issues.  I do have an inguinal hernia on the left side that is being repaired next week. I have also had a EGD primarily for Barrettes esophagus but found nothing in the stomach.  Thinking it could be diverticulitis, the gastroenterologist has me on first was Levaquin then on Cipro and flagyl and a clear diet for two days.  All that did was make me extremely hungry although the left quadrant pain did subside a little.  Starting back up with low fiber diet has started the left pain again. I have tried Hyoscamin and that helped a little.  So far I am still in pain and discomfort and am getting extremely frustrated.  Any suggestions or comments.
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you should get information about Candida overgrowth. Also called yeast infection. It could be the reason for your problems . And see a doctor if it still continues after a few weeks of candida treatment
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Did you ever figure out what this was? It sounds exactly like my symptoms and I'm very frustrated not knowing how to fix it. Please get back to me with any information you have I would very much appreciate it
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