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could it Pancreatitis

I am a 45 year old woman. I have been hospitialized once a month, for a week for the last three years. I am unable to eat or drink, without my stomach swelling up to six months pregnant. I have severe pain in my stomach all over my lower abdoman and up my right side 10+. I tend to throw up food about 1hr. after eating, most of the time.I can only eat once a day, mostly liquid because of the pain and bloating. Severe bruising on my abdomin started about a year ago that go from dark color when symptoms are severe and lighter when symptoms are less severe.

I have been tested with moderate gastritis,inflamtion around the plyrous valve leving the stomach.
I had gastric emptying study which after two hours my stomach didnt empty at all (gastroparesis).

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There's always a possibility that it could be pancreatitis but it sounds like a case of uncontrolled gastroparesis.  Are you on any meds for gastroparesis.  If those aren't working you should talk to your doctor about a "stomach pacemaker" which is given to people with gastroparesis that aren't helped by other meds.
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