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cronic pancreatitis

hi i have been having pain under my mid rib cage for almost all my life around 20 years ago i went to the er for the pain xrays showed my gall bladder was enlarged they admitted me that night and removed it the next morning the doctor said it was badly diseased but i still continued to have the pain my stomach doctor said i have barretts esphogus and did a nissen wrap to avoid cancer it failed and i had to have another that also failed so the third surgery was a bad one they had to remove half my stomach i ended up in the hospital for 2 months with 2 tubes in my stomach through incisions to drain infection into bags off my pancreas and another month of it at home before they could remove the tubes but im still having the pain but im also staying very sick to my stomach i get bad cold sweats and migrains and sometimes i passout from it and when i feel like that i have to be able to ly down and i get very severe cramps when my bowels move to the point i have to ly down on the bathroom floor to keep from passing out for a few minutes and a lot of times i feel ill like i have a stomach full of cement weighing it down and i live this just about every day of my life and now i have become a couch potato because of the constant ill feeling that my body has lost a lot of muscle and im very weak i have lost like 70 pounds in the last year a lot because i wont eat unless im really hungry because its not worth the pain to eat and a couple weeks ago my doctor found cronic pancreatitis but several months back they found esphogus versies where the blood vessels are enlarged and told me im having liver failure is anyone else experiencing all this just from cronic pancreatitis
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I am doing a lot of guessing here but you can get thrombosis of the splenic vein from it which can result in gastric varices. I am also assuming that the pancreatitis is not from alcohol abuse. Are you on any replacement enzymes when you eat? Some of your symptoms sound like malabsorption from pancreatic insufficiency. Have you have any recent imaging - specifically an MRCP or endoscopic ultrasound? What is the time scale of the procedures that you had? What portion of your stomach was removed?
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